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Home remedies and natural cures or medicines made from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and herbs are catching a lot of attention due to it’s efficiency and effectiveness..

Your herbal remedy has solutions to problems like Fibroid, Low sperm count, Hypertension..Some of our top products include Rain Soul & Ruzu Herbal Bitters


Herbal Remedy Overview

Modern medical system treats and suppresses  the disease but does little to ascertain the real cause. Toxic drugs which may suppress or relieve some ailments usually have harmful side-effects.

Drugs usually hinder the self-healing efforts of the body hereby making recovery more difficult. According to the late Sir William Osler, an eminent physician and surgeon, when drugs are used, the patient has to recover twice – once from the illness, and once from the drug.

Drugs cannot cure diseases; disease continues. It’s only the pattern that changes. Drugs also produce dietary deficiencies by destroying nutrients, using them up, and preventing their absorption.

Moreover, the toxicity they produce occurs at a time when the body is least capable of coping with it. The power to restore health thus lies not in drugs, but in nature.

The approach of modern system is more on combative lines after the disease has set in, whereas herbal cure system lays greater emphasis on preventive methods and adopts measures to attain and maintain health and prevent disease.

The modern medical system treats each disease as a separate entity, requiring specific drug for its cure, whereas the herbal cure system treats the organism as a whole and seeks to restore harmony to the whole of the patient’s being.

Top Ailments

Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are benign lumps that grow on the uterus. Symptoms may include heavy and prolonged periods that can cause anemia, cramping, painful sex, and an urge to urinate.

In some cases, difficulty becoming pregnant is the first sign of fibroids

Kidney Failure

36.8 million Nigerians (23 per cent) are suffering from various stages of kidney disease in Nigeria.

With this figure, it means that one in seven Nigerians is suffering from some form of kidney disorder.

Hypertension & Stroke

57 million Nigerians suffer from hypertension (the silent killer) and 160,000 Nigerians suffer from stroke yearly..Hypertension and stroke are two dangerous ailments that occur as a result of blockage (by thrombus) or rupture of blood vessels, carrying blood to the heart or the brain

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Simple to use, no side effects, no chemical additives, very inexpensive compared to surgery, natural body healing process

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I was told that i ve a very big fibriod, so big that they were even considering my chances of getting pregnant. taking note of the fact that i was forced to ve a surgical operation to remove the first one in 2007 and u can imagine been told i now had a big one again but I used herbalremedy drugs and is all gone without surgery and i was a able to conceive and now i have two children.

I had multiple fibroid, where the biggest one was 74mm by 72mm, i was introduced to Guifei Bao and to other products of the company, amazingly within two months, the fibroid were cleared off.. Mrs Olakusile, Ogun State

I bought one of these companies products for beauty purpose, but unknown to me i had fibroids which dropped all of a sudden, i was rushed to the hospital after i passed out and the doctor confirmed that i had fibroids which had degenerated and dropped off my body.