Master’s Degree in Advanced Mathematics

Master's Degree in Advanced Mathematics

The master’s degree in Advanced Mathematics is intended for graduates with pre-EHEA (llicenciatura) or bachelor’s degrees in mathematics or similar disciplines who wish to acquire advanced education in mathematics.


The master’s degree program allows students to complete the basic academic education received during undergraduate study and prepares them for a career in research or in a professional context, to reflect the increasing demand for graduates with advanced mathematical skills in a wide variety of emerging sectors.

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Learning objectives
The primary objective of the master’s degree in Advanced Mathematics is to provide specialized, high-quality education in different areas of knowledge in mathematics and its applications.


The master’s degree program has also been designed to provide students with the tools they will need to perform high-level scientific or professional tasks, such as expertise in and the application of advanced computing methods, the capacity to work in multidisciplinary environments and the capacity to transmit advanced mathematical knowledge, among others.


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