How to apply for a Sydney Scholars Award

How to apply for a Sydney Scholars Award

Follow these six steps on how to apply for a Sydney Scholars Award. These prestigious scholarships reward exceptional Year 12 students to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney. Once you follow it step by step on How to apply for a Sydney Scholars Award, you won’t miss out at all. There are two scholarships available for students commencing an undergraduate degree in 2022:

$6000 per year for the duration of your degree (up to five years)
$6000 for one year of your degree
If you are experiencing financial hardship or other disadvantage you may be eligible to apply for a Sydney Scholars Awards on Equity and Hardship Grounds.


1. Check your eligibility
To be eligible for the Sydney Scholars Awards, you must:

be a domestic student (includes New Zealand citizens) completing your HSC or equivalent in 2021, or
be an international student completing your IB or equivalent in 2021
achieve an ATAR of 95 or above (90 or above if you are applying for a music or dental degree)
apply through the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) for an undergraduate degree commencing in 2022 (which can be deferred for up to two years).

2. Reflect on your accomplishments
Write a list of your accomplishments (big and small). Successfully applicants are ‘all-rounder’ students, who display leadership skills and are involved in school, community and/or extracurricular activities.


3. You may also be considered for a range of faculty-specific scholarships, many of which will also consider these accomplishments.
4. Write your personal statement
Get started on your personal statement. Introduce yourself and tell us what your goals and achievements are (hint: don’t work from the online form, save it as a separate document).

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You will need to answer six questions which have a 1000 character limit each.

Why are you applying for this course?
What are your academic achievements?
What are your goals?
Do you have any extracurricular, leadership, personal or community activities that you are involved in, and why are you involved in them?
How do your activities contribute to your current and future aspirations?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

5. Work on your application
Get started early and plan for what you need to submit by the application deadline: 30 September 2021.

Before you start, you will need:

UAC application number
Personal email (not a school email)
The faculty of your first University of Sydney preference (search your course to check)
HSC trial results (if available)
Most recent school report in pdf
Your personal statement
Tips for interstate or New Zealand students

6. Check and submit
Make sure you proofread your application thoroughly. Have someone else read your personal statement. Check your spelling, grammar, and word counts, and ensure that you have provided documentation that supports your accomplishments.

Once you are ready, submit your application.


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