Royal Military College of Canada

Royal Military College of Canada

General Information about Royal Military College of Canada: Officer cadets who are members of the Regular Officer Training Plan have their fees for the entire programme paid by the Department of National Defence and, in addition, are entitled to pay and allowances prescribed by the Department.Scholarships and Prizes awarded may be retained under the Regular Officer Training Plan.

General Scholarship Fund

Administered by Faculty Council, the General Scholarship Fund permits the introduction of new scholarships, bursaries and prizes, or the augmentation of existing awards. The Fund is made possible through contributions in memory of Ex-Cadet No. 5804 S.G. Esdaile and No. 5522 T.A. Spruston; gift of the late Mrs. Lilian Grier in memory of Ex-Cadet No. 599 Colonel Leroy Fraser Grant; and also through the kind generosity of Bull HN Information Systems Ltd.; Pyrolysis Systems Incorporated; and of Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering, the late Lieutenant-Colonel P.C. King.


The Leonard Foundation

Through the Leonard Foundation created by the late Lieutenant-Colonel Reuben Wells Leonard, RMC No. 87, financial awards are made available on the basis of need to provide assistance to students enrolled in undergraduate programmes. Preference in the selection of students for financial assistance is given to the sons and daughters of clergy, military personnel, school teachers, graduates of the Royal Military College of Canada, members of the Engineering Institute of Canada and members of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Canada. The numbers of the awards will vary depending on the applicant’s financial situation, but on average will be $1250 and may be renewed on reapplication.


Dominion Cadetships

A Dominion Cadetship may be granted by the Minister of National Defence to a cadet who, being a member of the Reserve Force enters the initial year at the Royal Military College of Canada.

The value of a Dominion Cadetship encompasses:
the annual college fee for the First Year;
the cost of single quarters and rations for the First and subsequent years; and
the annual Recreation Club fee for the First and subsequent years.
Not more than fifteen Dominion Cadetships may be granted in a college year.

Apply for: Master’s Degree in Music as an Interdisciplinary Art

A candidate, to be eligible for a Dominion Cadetship, must meet the enrolment and academic standards for admission and be the child of a person who was killed, has died, or is severely incapacitated as a result of service in:
the Canadian Forces, or
the Canadian Merchant Marine,during hostilities.
Application for a Dominion Cadetship shall be made in writing, giving full particulars of the candidate’s eligibility under subparagraph c. and shall normally be forwarded by the first day of March to a Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre or Detachment.
The final board of selection shall submit to the Minister of National Defence for approval a list of candidates recommended for Dominion Cadetships, in order of merit.
A Dominion Cadetship is forfeited on failure of an academic year.


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