Home Remedy to Get Rid of STDs, Yeast Infection AND Gonorhea

Some STDs might have been so long on your immune system to the extent that you don't even know how else to get it treated permanently and you feel you're dying, Well Stop feeding your mind with death because you're finally going to revive back stronger than you have ever been after taking this herbs you got from your home.

Your immune system is your body's defense against infection and illness. It appears that fermented garlic helps strengthen the immune system through its antioxidant content. Have you read Our Terms Of Use?. In one study, fermented garlic is more powerful than raw garlic in supporting immunity.


  1. 10 heads garlic
  2. 4 cups water
  3. 2 tablespoons salt


* Once your garlic is peeled add the raw cloves to a mason jar so they are 1 inch from the top.

* Prepare a salt solution by dissolving salt in water.

* Pour salt solution into the mason jar until the garlic cloves are covered.

* Put the lid on the jar and store at room temperature in a dark place like your closet or cupboard.

* Open the jar once a day to release carbon dioxide. Fermentation fans call this “burping.”

* Continue this process for 3-4 weeks until fermentation bubbles no longer form.

* Move the jar to your fridge once fermentation has completed. Fermented garlic gets more delicious as it ages.

* Finally after fermentation eat 2 cloves of the fermented garlic per day until you feel relieved. No matter the infections, these remedy will get rid of it. We wish you the Best of luck.

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