Home/Herbal Remedy For Ceased Menstruation

Do you know some common Home/Herbal Remedy For Ceased Menstruation, we will get your eyes open to some things that many people have spent a lot of money in different hospitals searching for solution, but yet it hasn't been solved, So let's be your herbal plug and get it solved permanently.

There are some women that have missed their period for 2-3 months but they're not pregnant, They pretend like all is well, don't let your sickness kill you secretly, your pregnancy results is negative and you want your period to be back but no way. All you need is Study Our Terms of Use and then comeback to see how to get your problem solved through a herbal means today.


* Apple  Cider Vinegar 

*Vitamin C 500mg


Measure 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar put into half glass of warm water add 1 vitamin C pills and drink it in the morning.  

* Repeat the same procedure in the evening but this time around without vitamin C. 

* Do this for straight 1 week you're period will be back

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