How to Tighten and cure Your Private Body Parts for Women with Cloves

Health Benefits of Cloves in Woman's Private Body is something you won't be told anywhere else. Just Take your time and read gradually until the end to see how you can make yourself feel good about your Private body part, especially for women.

Cloves are anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic. They’re packed with antioxidants and are good sources of minerals (especially manganese), omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and vitamins.Lest I forget, Have you seen Our Terms of Use?. It's one of the best when it comes to the female honey pot, very affordable with no side effects.

Take care of your private body part as a woman using cloves through the following ways


(a) Salt

(b) Cloves

(c) Hot water


Get a clean sit bowl. Pour boiled water, add a little salt(1tsp), add the cloves(200g), then sit on it let the heat go inside your private body part as a woman until the water is no longer hot.


1.It tightens the private body part in a woman

2. It fights infections

3. It gives your honey pot a pleasant smell


(a). Cloves 200g

(b). Container eg water bottle (1 and a half liters)


Pour the cloves into the bottle and add water, leave it for 3 days, it will change colour to dark brown. Use it to wash your VJ and once you use it and it's peppery that means there is an infection. Continue using until you can't feel the pains anymore.


1. fights infections

2. Gives the private body part in a woman a very good smell

3. It makes your hubby enjoy sex with you because of the pleasant smell

4. Reduces unnecessary discharge

5. Tightens the private body part of a woman

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