Fertility Class For SP@erm Motility!

You can make your Sp@erm Motile by following this simple steps we listed below. This post is basically for men, though woman can read, just to help their men work things out together especially the married ones. The reason it's specially meant for men, is because, they're the ones that knows thy have a problem and it can get solved when they work on themselves honestly.

Sp@erm motility is the life span of the Sp@erm from when it is released till when it reaches the ovaries to fertilize the egg. Study Our Terms Of Use. If the release sp@erm are weak, they may die before reaching the ovaries  hence the woman can't get pregnant. That's why we have ACTIVE Sp@erm AND INACTIVE Sp@erm.

The speed also in which the Sp@erm move is also important. Some are sluggish while others are fast. DIETING is the most important when it comes to Sp@erm health more than medications. You should follow a diet and juicing program for one month if you are a man suffering from infertility and your overall Sp@erm will be healthy to impregnate your wife.

Below is one remedy you should incorporate.


Beetroot has properties that can boost Male fertility. Rich folate, also known B9, beetroot has been linked in reducing fatigue and studies into low sp@erm counts.....another study found that the antioxidant improved Sp@erm quality and motility. 


Bananas are the obvious choice for increasing Sp@erm production. This phallic shape fruit is rich in vitamin B1, C and Magnesium, which increases the motility of the Sp@erm and help in Sp@erm production. Banana also contains a rare enzyme called bromelain, which helps boost Sp@erm count and motility

If you are already suffering from low Sp@erm, avoid having sexual intercourse for atleast two weeks and feed right, take banana and beetroot, few leafy greens, blend with orange juice or cranberry juice. it's very delicious. You can take this drink daily for best results.

So if you are a man or woman suffering from infertility issues, don't hesitate to join us. The program treats all cases of infertility. Also gives dieting and juicing program you can follow for a month and correct all your infertility issues.

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