50 Healthy Snacks 100 Calories Each

Choosing a diet and switching to calories counting is a big step. And it doesn’t matter what encouraged you – your friend or your favorite celebrity! This is a good time to switch from quantity to quality. According to scientific and fashion studies you are not only what you eat, but also how much you eat.

However you probably shouldn’t blindly follow a plan proposed by your celebrity (just between us, you never know if it really worked for them or if it’s a commercial move). Also, every diet is a very personal thing.Herbal medicine is also something to look into as it has been proven to offer curative solutions. Try to come along with your own preferences in food and drinks. Speaking of drinks, especially in summer, make sure you drink enough of water even if light smoothies and milkshakes are a part of your daily snacking routine.


Want to have more fun? Record videos on how you make/cook your 100 calorie snacks, share them with friends and online with everybody. Talk about you struggles and success – become just like your celebrity!

Infographic courtesy of 9round

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