Earn Up To N100,000 Monthly With Affiliate Project 35

Earn Up To N100,000 Monthly With Affiliate Project 35 1

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of internet or online marketing which involves driving traffic to a merchant, seller, product or website and getting paid commission from any sales made from such activities

How does it work?

To further illustrate this let’s look at this example, John is a seller or woans a product called Johnny Bitters, he then decides to start an affiliate marketing prigram to promote his business, he offers 30% of the profit on each bottle of his bitters sold by anyone who signs up for the program.

Peter an affiliate marketer comes across this offer and is interested, he signs up with Johnny bitters and starts promoting the product through his website and social media accounts using the unique link given to him when he signed up, at the end of each month Johnny bitters company sends out payment to him by the means he choose either bank transfer or paypal etc

Real life examples of Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria

  • Jumia Affiliate Program
  • Konga
  • V connect

You can join each of these programs and promote any products there and get paid monthly for your efforts

What is Affiliate Project 35?

Affiliate Project 30 is a Herbal Care Africa (www.yourherbalremedy.com) initiative, after successfully developing a system on herbal supplement sales for a few years we are opening up our system to empower others, this is our way of giving back to the society.

Over the years we have discovered various challenges that hinder interested people from taking initiatives, one of such is the lack of funds

How does Affiliate Project 35 work?

This initiative gives you access to joining our sales platform, you will get access to our inventory of products, training and support to help you make serious money monthly at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is get customers and we will fulfill the orders and remit your profit to you at the end of each month

We will equip you with all the tools and training you need, educate you on the market and products needed and on the price margins etc

we will place you as an Agent in your location or area on our website. where you will receive calls from prospective clients, negotiate and take their orders, forward the orders to us to fulfill on your behalf

We are opening up slots for 35 people only to join our platform, joining our Affiliate Program attracts a subscription of N20,000 yearly

After becoming a member, you have no commitment whatsoever to make other than to get orders which we will fulfill on your behalf

Why the sign up fee?

The money is for administrative and products cost for the whole year

You are getting access to a huge inventory of products which you may not be able to incur to fulfill an order. For example when we receive an order from a client it may cost up to N50,000 in distributor price just for the products, and on such orders you can make as much as N10,000 to N15,000 profit

So in this case you do not need to cough out N50,000, we will fulfill the order and send you the profit

How do i get paid and when?

  • All sales commission will paid out weekly or monthly
  • What happens if i am not able to generate any orders or sales in a month?
  • That’s not a problem, your subscription money is never lost as you will get paid N2000 monthly minimum to cover your money, but we can guarantee you sales if you follow our instructions

What other benefits can i enjoy from this program?

Joining Affiliate Project 35 automatically qualifies you to becoming a member of ACES (African Cooperatives Empowerment Society) Herbal Care Africa Initiative as well.

More information on this platform will be communicated as time goes on

We only require no more than 50 members to kick-start the project at the moment, but once we get to 35 we will close the doors. Membership is allocated on a first come basis (those who commit cash first will be considered)

Proof our system works!!!

Earn Up To N100,000 Monthly With Affiliate Project 35 2
Earn Up To N100,000 Monthly With Affiliate Project 35 3
Earn Up To N100,000 Monthly With Affiliate Project 35 4

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