Which Is the Best Mattress for Health?

Which Is the Best Mattress for Health? 1

People sleep and wake up. Really, few people ever cared about what kind of bed they should sleep in. For many, a simple mattress will do. However, with the many mattresses available, how can one choose what mattress is the best? What will be the basis of objectivity? In light of this, a basic history of mattress will give a clear picture of what mattress is good and what is not.

History says that the first mattresses are made of straw. What functioned as the cover are animal skins such as goat skin and sheep skin. In about 3600 B.C., the waterbed was born however, these water beds were just made of goat skins sewn together and filled with water. This was first used in Persia and 200 years later, the Egyptians slept on palm boughs that were used as mattresses by piling them up.

After about 3,000 years, the Romans used cloths and filled them with hay and wool. The others said that it was the Romans who first used feathers as fillings for their mattresses. In the 18th century, people began using cotton to stuff cloths and these were the earliest forms of mattresses close to what we know today. Eventually, in 1857, metal coils were used in chairs and this was eventually adapted for beds in 1865.

Now, we have all sorts of beds and mattresses such as air beds, water beds, foam beds, memory foam beds, and so on. There are even beds with sleep number as desired by the person who will sleep on the, Beds now also have remote controls and motors underneath them—something that one could never really have imagined in the olden times. Other than that, beds now come in standard sizes such as single, double or twin, queen, king, and California king.

But what mattress is the best? How to get best mattress? To some, it is the spring mattress. This is because it provides flexibility as one tosses at nights to sleep. The coils are the very foundation of this mattress that helps it become resilient to the weight of the person who sleeps on it. It keeps the bed intact and firm. However, this does not really provide the ultimate comfort as needed by the body.

In reality, nothing will really beat the memory foam mattress which NASA developed in the 1960s for their astronauts. It is now available for commercial use because it cannot be used in space ships. The material used in memory foam beds and mattresses emits gases that are harmful if kept in the contained spaces of the spaceship.

Memory foam has the ability to take the shape and contour of the body that lies down on it. It also adjusts to the temperature of the body and this is found to be an ultimate solution for comfort for those who are suffering from medical conditions of the back or spine such as arthritis and scoliosis. This technology also helps people achieve a deep sleep called Random Eye Movement or REM. This allows people rejuvenate damaged cells within the day. 

As a result, the person wakes up with more revitalized power as opposed to common spring mattresses.

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