Proof of income: salary or scholarship payment

Sufficient income to live in Belgium: When an researcher on secondment has his own funds for research in Belgium, they provide Proof of income: salary or scholarship payment, it is important for the Belgian authorities that a sufficient income is proven to maintain a sufficient standard to live in Belgium. The conditions on the income… Continue reading Proof of income: salary or scholarship payment

Belgian Technical Cooperation scholarships

The Belgian Technical Cooperation scholarships agency (BTC) is the administrator and coordinator for scholarships awarded by the Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation (DGDC). The BTC itself does not award grants. The BTC’s Scholarship Unit implements the scholarship files, welcomes the students and provides them with guidance for the duration of their academic training and stay… Continue reading Belgian Technical Cooperation scholarships

Destination Guides to Study in Belgium

There are many reasons to study in Belgium, we will give you the easiest Destination Guides to Study in Belgium, world-renowned universities, excellent opportunities for international networking, famously multicultural and multilingual cities, a host of regional cuisines and specialties, beautiful countryside, overall high quality of life, and, of course, those fantastic Belgian waffles. An established… Continue reading Destination Guides to Study in Belgium

Master Mind scholarships

Now Master Mind scholarships: The Government of Flanders awards scholarships to academically outstanding students for master programmes in Flanders and Brussels. How to apply? The Master Mind scholarships are incorporated in the normal application scheme to obtain admission. Only academically admitted students will be considered. The application for academic admission should be submitted before the… Continue reading Master Mind scholarships