IT Security Officer

The IT Security Officer is responsible for providing IT security advice and guidance for systems and projects according to established security principles and best practices. The following describe some of the functions: Plan, research and conduct security assessments. Evaluate and assess security requirements for a system or service. Recommend security controls and safeguards to bring… Continue reading IT Security Officer

Information Management Officer

The Information Management Officer is responsible for developing, organizing and administering the activities and projects in support of Information Management Programs. Coordinate and assist in the development of project objectives/plans, quality control standards, contributing to training programs, and assisting in the planning cycle. Direct the maintenance of applications by providing advice, guidance and interpretation of… Continue reading Information Management Officer

Technical Support Officer

Technical Support Officer (s) are responsible for the set-up, implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure components, and for the operational and technical support for investigations. The incumbent will be called upon to find solutions and deploy the necessary equipment and circuits to provide customer support (computers, fiber, servers, software, etc) with the end goal of… Continue reading Technical Support Officer