Fohow Aloe Gel

What is Aloe Gel? Made from aloe vera plant, this special tender formula relieves the discomfort of the skin, supplies the skin with moisture and nutrition , locks up the water content to renew your skins flatness, elasticity and brings out its luster. After using this product, your skin will be smooth and fresh Magic … Read more

Fohow Bio-Induction Thermal Waist Protector

What is Waist Protector? Different gemstones leveled nano sized fined pollen is combined to create an energy reactor to concentrate energy. On the surface of the waist protector are energy concentrating reactors which emit polymer energy consisting of far-infrared radiation, negative ions and magnetic energy, activated by the stimulations of thermoelectric effect and piezoelectric effect, … Read more

Fohow Bio-Induction Thermal Neckguard

Guardian angel of the neck Benefits 1. It can stimulate blood circulation around the neck, hence relieving pains in the joints of the neck, shoulder and arms 2. It can increase blood supply to the brain thereby relieving headaches and fatigue 3. It regulates the nervous system hence improving sleep quality

Fohow Bio-Induction Thermal Kneepad

What is Bio-induction thermal kneepad? This is a nano technology product, it condenses energetic substances from several gemstones and ores using medical and bio-energetics principles, combining them to form energy dot matrix. The body temperature is the activator and through the functions of the transferring catalyst, it emits combined polymer energy consisting of far infrared … Read more

Fohow Sanitary pad / Panty liner

What is Fohow Sanitary Pad? Functional sanitary pad makes you health and relaxed every month during your periods. The sanitary pads or panty lines, soft, dry, breathable and protective are produced with the advanced technology and three great technologies such as Anion Far infrared ray Nano silver offering more love and care to women. Functions … Read more

Fohow Toothpaste

What is Fohow Toothpaste? This is a combination of ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps sinensis and other plant extracts such as plant glycosides and phenols. It can regulate oral health from two directions and it contains two effective ingredients to constrain the growth of bacteria Functions 1. Dual effects in eliminating bacteria: Plant glycoside and phenol can … Read more

Fohow Liuwei Cha Tea

What is Fohow Tea? Six flavour tea is a life like health preservation product, just as the name suggests, it made from 6 high quality herbs combined together using modern technology to bring out an amazing effect. Good tea is very important to health, it is smooth and sweet, thus making it perfect. Fohow luiwei … Read more

Fohow Meigui

What is Fohow Meigui? Fohow Meigui is a healthy sugar substitute, it is composed of the extraction of rose oligosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides and stachyose. It tastes good, promotes digestion, and can be used to keep health as well as add flavor. As a healthcare product that suites the taste of both the old and young, it … Read more

Fohow Sanqing Oral

What is Sanqing Oral? Sanqing oral is made from Aloe vera gel and oligose and a combination of other herbs like chitin, chrysanthemum, folium gingko, black jelly fungus, ganoderma lucidum and cordyceps sinensis to maximize its effect Main functions Eliminate free radicals in your body Return natural qualities of health to you Main Ingredients Aloe … Read more

Fohow Seaweed Calcium (Haizao Gai)

What is Fohow Seaweed Calcium? Haizao Gai is the latest calcium enriching product based upon calcium alginate as the main raw material and processed through the application of patented technology, it is featured with pure natural high calcium content which is more easily absorbed This product has 4 main characteristics Natural seaweed extraction from green … Read more

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