Fibroid Treatment Without Surgery

Overview There’s nothing worse than bleeding heavily between or during your periods which include blood clots, having pains in your pelvis and or lower back. Having longer than usual menstruation, pressure or fullness in your lower abdomen, increased menstrual cramps and urination can be very unpleasant as well.   Don’t Lose Your Husband Because Of … Read more

Best Tea For Weight Loss

The parameter of being successful cannot be confined to bulk of degrees only, rather if I say that if you don’t own a healthy body then you can’t accomplish the big goals of your life then there will be nothing wrong in saying so. If you think with the feeble and frail body you can … Read more

10 Indian Herbs and Their Medicinal Uses

India is one of the most resourceful countries in the world, and, once again, Mother Nature has blessed them with only the best medicinal herbs which have helped save many lives. Furthermore, these herbs have assisted in pushing India forward to be a stronghold and a leader in the field of medicine. Isn’t that amazing? … Read more

52 African Herbal Medicinal Plants & Their Uses

Africans since the beginning of time have used #herbs as medicine for centuries, this can also be pre-dated back to the times of the mayans who only used herbs as medicine back then too   African Herbal Medicinal Plants and their Uses Cassia Flower It is a branched, spiny shrub or small treee, the leaves … Read more

Home remedies to whiten and healthy teeth

Many people suffer the agony and shame of living with discolored teeth since they cannot afford cleansing chemicals. However, this is not the only solution to eliminate discolored teeth. There are many home remedies to whiten teeth, as we shall find out from this article. Most of these remedies require one to keep repeating them since the … Read more

Spirulina Benefits: 7 Reasons to Try It

We often fear things that we do not understand and spirulina is a good example of when that fear is misplaced. Spirulina is an algae powder consisting of single-cell vegetable bacteria, often referred to as pond scum – this doesn’t make a very appealing profile. However, according to David Neidermeyer, nutritionist at YesWellness, this algae … Read more

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