Ruzu Products

Ruzu range of products boasts of a wide array of health benefiting products which are listed below  Product Benefit Price  Ruzu Skin Care Skin infection/irritation Minor burns Bites Post natal Blemishes Household and personal hygiene  N800 Ruzu Herbal Mouth Care Control bad breath Kills germs in the mouth that cause plaque and bad breadth  N2000 … Read more

Ruzu Herbal Tea

What is Ruzu Tea Ruzu herbal tea is both a curative and preventive supplement which is the next best thing in the herbal medicine world, it is not your average tea but a quintessential tea Benefits Ruzu Herbal Tea is very beneficial for Stress Weight loss High blood pressure Arthritis Insomnia Heart related ailments Stroke … Read more

Ruzu Black For Men

What Is Ruzu Black? Ruzu Black For Men is an amazing new product that revitalizes and re-energizes men’s sexual power for up to 90%, in short a short time of its launch, men who have taken it claim they enjoy Prolong Erection Better sperm quality Better sexual stamina Ruzu Black Manpower is man’s sure rescue, … Read more

What Can Ruzu Bitters Cure?

Over time Ruzu bitters has successfully cured so many ailments and diseases, people all over the country have been sending in one testimony or the other, in the company’s bid to further enhance performance, several other products have been launched. These products used in conjunction with the regular ruzu bitters you know can cure a … Read more

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