Accepting Issues And Clinical Psychology

Accepting Issues And Clinical Psychology 10

The term clinical psychology was first coined by Lightner Witmer in 1907. However by the 20th century, it has become a well-established field of psychology. Generally, clinical psychology is a psychological application in a clinical setting. It provides treatment for patients having psychological problem, dysfunction, disorder or distress. Also, it assess the issues as well as offers psychotherapy or psycho-education to attain a desired mental health, well-being and better life functioning.

Such psychology has a varied scope including emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, biological, and behavioral factors of human conditions, which is in relation with the cultural, life span and socioeconomic elements. However, countries can have different requirements for the practice of clinical psychology. One must have the proper education and professional qualifications. Most clinical psychologists work with individuals, children, adults, couple, families and some other small groups. They can be found in hospitals, psychological clinics, schools and other academic institutions, or in general practices.

In most clinical situations, psycho therapist Sheffield often conducts tests as evaluations or proof of reliability and validity. These examinations involve intelligence and achievement exams, personality tests, neuropsychological tests and finally clinical observation also known as .

Intelligence exams are formulated to measure specific cognitive functioning or IQ. They include tests on comprehension and vocabulary, memory (long and short term), arithmetic, attention span and non-verbal activities (such as hand-eye coordination, logical reasoning and problem solving). Personality can be measures according to behavioral patterns, feelings and thought which are consistent and stable throughout a lifetime.

Such examination can be objective or projective. Neuropsychological tests is composed of tasks which examine the psychological functions. This is usually used on people who have been mentally impaired because of an illness or injury. The most obvious part of the process is the behavioral observation and interview. This is a very essential approach so that problem should be resolved as soon as possible.

Common psychological problems treated are mostly depression, anxiety, loneliness, sadness and coping caused by acute physical pain from an illness or injury.

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