What to Do When Dealing with Clogged Ears

What to Do When Dealing with Clogged Ears 1

Nobody likes dealing with clogged ears. The condition’s symptoms are annoying, unpleasant, and sometimes debilitating. Fortunately, there are certain remedies that can help you if your ears suddenly feel clogged, plugged, or blocked, whichever term you prefer.

Before diving into the details of these solutions, everyone should know that the human ear has three separate parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The middle ear is the one that enables us to maintain our balance.

When our ears feel clogged we are tempted to find the quickest solutions. However, always be careful when you are trying to clean your ears at home! Your eardrum is very sensitive, and any wrong move can seriously damage it. What’s more, if the problem persists, you should pay a visit to your physician and take their professional advice.

In this article, we will discuss the causes, common symptoms, and some of the most effective remedies for clogged ears.

What Causes Our Ears to Clog?

Numerous experts claim that the most common cause of clogged ears is an excessive quantity of earwax. This yellow substance that resembles wax, also called cerumen, is produced by the ear canals of humans and all other mammals. Cerumen is a good thing for the ear as it protects it from external dangers, while hydrating and keeping the ear canal clean. However, when there is too much cerumen, your ears can clog.

Other causes include:

  • A cold;
  • A stuffy nose;
  • Inflammation;
  • Infections;
  • Water in the ears;
  • A sudden change in atmospheric pressure, like when you’re travelling by plane.

Most Common Symptoms of Clogged Ears

When your ears get clogged you may not be able to hear as well as you did before. Also, you may start hearing a buzzing in your affected ear and experience earache. Dizziness or a discharge from the ears, which can sometimes contain blood, is not a rare symptom of clogged ears.

Thankfully, there are certain ways in which you can make things better. You should read more about home remedies for clogged ears on HomeRemedyShop.com and choose the method that you think might work for you. Here is an additional list of remedies for dealing with this annoying problem.

What to Do When Dealing with Clogged Ears 2

1.    The Toynbee Maneuver

This is a fairly simple technique and you might be usually doing it without even realizing. To get the maximum results, keep your mouth closed and pinch your nostrils together. Then swallow a few times. The idea behind this maneuver is to open your Eustachian tubes every time you are swallowing. Moreover, the move compresses the air that passes through the tubes, resulting in an equalization of the pressure in your ears.

2.    Yawning and Swallowing

These two moves are the first things that come to our minds when our ears feel clogged. Swallowing and yawning open up the Eustachian tubes. If you cannot yawn at will, look at pictures or videos of other people doing it. It seems that yawing is contagious.

3.    Nasal Sprays

There are instances when you get clogged ears because of a blockage in your nasal cavity. The condition known as sinusitis often causes plugged ears. You could be also suffering from allergic or non-allergic rhinitis or hay fever. In such cases, nasal sprays are the answer to your problem. They constrict the small arterial blood vessels located in the lining of your nose. In turn, this can clear the symptoms of clogged ears.

4.    Ear Drops

Ear drops are also an effective remedy for clogged ears since they help clean your ear canal and remove any excess wax even. Experts, on the other hand, do not recommend using anything to clean your ears. However, ear drops usually work well and can unclog your ears. Just be wary that certain over the counter drops can cause irritation or ear infections. If you notice something unusual after using them, stop immediately and pay a visit to your doctor!


All in all, it looks like there are some effective remedies for clogged ears, a very common health problem nowadays. Be careful when storing items like nasal sprays or ear drops! Put them in a secure place where children and pets cannot reach them. Read the instructions before using these products and consult with your doctor immediately if something feels out of the ordinary. Nobody should joke about this condition as it can turn into a severe problem if improperly treated.

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