12 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You

12 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You 10

Sugar is sweet yes, without it most of our beverages would be taste and tormenting, most dangerously, excess of it is very bad, like the amount of sugar in coke, per bottle up to 7 cubes, that’s an awful lot. So in this article i will be telling you the reasons why i believe sugar is poison

Effects of sugar on the body

  1. First factory to manufacture sugar was established by the British in 1866
  2. Indians used honey in the past and never got sick
  3. To make sugar, you need sulfur, and this sulfur is used in making fire crackers. Sulfur is an element that once it enters in to the body it cannot be excreted
  4. Sugar increases cholesterol levels which causes heart attack, sugar also increases body weight thus making you fat
  5. Sugar causes high blood pressure, it also cases brain damaging clots
  6. The sweetness in sugar is derived from sucrose and this is not  and cannot be digested by the human body
  7. Sugar is the major cause of diabetes
  8. To make sugar over 23 harmful ingredients and chemicals are used
  9. Sugar causes burning in the stomach
  10. Sugar increases the levels of Triglycerides in the body
  11. Sugar can also cause paralysis

So we advice you to switch to honey instead.

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