Fohow Garlic Essence Oil Soft Capsule

Fohow Garlic Essence Oil Soft Capsule 1

What is Garlic Essence Oil?

In strict accordance with the Three Principles of Product Research Work of the Fohow group, Fohow Garlic Essence Oil Soft Capsule is made by the use of high quality garlic with advanced low temperature critical extraction technology and advanced technology and equipment to professionally extract 100% of the active ingredients of garlic which are beneficial for the human body.

It is also another pure natural healthy product with high purity and high density and marked efficacy which does not contain any impurities and harmful substances.

It is characterized by
1. High purity
2. Complete function
3.Excellent efficacy


Garlic a perennial herb, Liliaceae Allium is produced in various parts of China. A variety of medicinal values and health effects of garlic for the human body have been recorded in various ancient and modern literature. It’s well known as the Natural Antibiotics and Longevity Promoter

The U.S National Cancer Organization recognize that garlic tops among the world’s most anti cancer potential plants. The bio active ingredient of garlic is garlic oil (beneficial allicin), accounting for only 0.2% of the garlic components. Garlic oil contains more than 140 kinds of extremely precious natural materials. It is these complex and excellent ingredients that gives the excellent effect of Garlic Oil Soft Capsule


After a long term scientific observation and clinical trial statistics, it’s shown that the Fohow Garlic oil produces six major roles for the human body

1. It has anti bacterial, bactericidal and virus killing effects

2. It lowers blood pressure with anticoagulation effect, prevents arteriosclerosis, prevents and treats cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

3. Lowers blood sugar and reduces the onset of diabetes

4. Protects the liver and inhibits tumors

5. Scavenges free radicals, improves immunity with anti aging effects and enhances physical strength

6. It has lipid lowering and weight loss effects which is exerted by dissolving the fat particles and promotes fat decomposition

What is the work of Fohow Garlic?

Due to the above effects of Fohow garlic, it has the role of promoting the health and improving the functions of the five systems among the eight systems of the human body to various degrees after taking it for a long period of time

1. The digestive system: The most obvious is the significant rehabilitation effects for acute and chronic gastroenteritis without any side effects. In addition, it also has the function of promoting gastrointestinal absorption, activating the stomach and intestines, disinfecting and sterilizing and preventing food poisoning

2. The respiratory system: To prevent colds and protect the bronchial mucosa

3. The reproductive system: Long term use can improve the activity of male sperms, nourish kidney and strengthen yang to some extent

4. The circulatory system: Long term use has the health care effects of preventing high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, lowering blood lipids and preventing blood clots

5. The immune system: To strengthen the immune system, increase immunity and prevent viruses, parasites and bacterial infection

Note: Taking Fohow Garlic Oil Soft Capsule regularly is good for your health without any side effects

You can also take it with Danshen tablet for more effect on diabetes

Dosage: 2-4 capsules two times daily with warm water



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