Fohow Bio-Induction Thermal Kneepad

Fohow Bio-Induction Thermal Kneepad 1

What is Bio-induction thermal kneepad?

This is a nano technology product, it condenses energetic substances from several gemstones and ores using medical and bio-energetics principles, combining them to form energy dot matrix. The body temperature is the activator and through the functions of the transferring catalyst, it emits combined polymer energy consisting of far infrared radiation, negative ions and magnetic energy, permeating human skin with resultant effect

This product is very effective in preventing diseases and protecting health and healing patients


1. Improves micro circulation of the blood in your knees, keeps it warm and prevents arthritis

2. Activate your blood cells and dissolve the blood clot, cure the swollen joints, promote the recovery of damaged joint tissues

3. Relieves rheumatism, useful on rheumatoid arthritis, hydroarthrosis and varicose veins

4. Increase the flexibility of your knee joints, prevent knee injury and bony spur

5. Repair damaged tissue and prevents bone hyperplasia


Attach the kneepad to your knee joints tightly and adjust the elastic bandage to fit, it would generate heat 30 minutes later. Use twice daily and no less than three hours each time and if necessary use for a longer time

Some sensitive users might feel burning when using, simply reduce the usuage time, use as tolerated. Some part of the skin becomes flushed with some burning feeling after use, simple take off the kneepad temporarily and the phenomenon will automatically disappear and it is definitely safe


1. Sufferers of skin inflammation, skin allergy, eczema and injured knees must not use the kneepad

2. Patients on cardiac pacemakers or insulin pump must not use it

3. Pregnant women, lactating woman, patients having cancers or critical patients must not use it

4. Patients with acute soft tissue injury please use the product twenty four hours later


Bio-inducing part should be wiped with wet soft cloth, and the rest can be cleaned by water

Don’t use detergents, never knead the kneepad, nor expose it in the sun, dry it in shaded area

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