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What is Fohow Meigui?

Fohow Meigui is a healthy sugar substitute, it is composed of the extraction of rose oligosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides and stachyose. It tastes good, promotes digestion, and can be used to keep health as well as add flavor. As a healthcare product that suites the taste of both the old and young, it is safe for long term use

The human micro flora, bifid bacilli, carries out micro biological regulation, stimulates the absorption of food in the intestine, strengthens the immunity, slows down the growth of pathogenic micro flora and decay bacteria in the intestine

This product provides the bifid factor for bifid bacteria, after ingestion it goes directly into the gastrointestinal tract and promotes the growth and activity of bifid and reduces the amount of pathogenic micro flora in the gut.

Why the need for rose oligosaccharides?

Fohow meigui is one of the purgation series products, the intestinal temperature of the human body is 380 degree Celcious. in such a high temperature, fermentation and putrefaction of food may occur. This results in the formation of toxins, a part of which is absorbed into blood circulation

The toxin build up in skin may lead to rapid skin aging and skin diseases, the toxin build up in the liver may add to the workload of livers detoxification system and cause health problems such as live failure. New study shows that the aging of human body starts from the intestines, research shows the longevity of the residents in Bama, Guangxi Province, China is closely associated with the natural oligosaccharides in their diet, which helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and keep the intestines young.

Main Ingredient

Oligosaccharide is the main component of Fohow Meigui, as a healthy sugar alternative, it is low in calorie and its long term use will not lead to obesity, tooth decay or increased pancreas workload. You can share it with the whole family, it is very convenient, either eat right after unpacking or add to tea, milk, coffee and porridge.

The essence oil of rose helps expel toxin, calm nerves, improve looks and regulate endocrine, whose long term use ensures clean breath and fragrance of rose. Moreover it contains vitamin B group, long term use helps improve immunity, postpone aging, keep intestines healthy and make you look younger

Other ingredients


Rose extract


How it works

In dysbacteriosis, there will be increase in the amount of intestinal micro flora, human digestive tract will be stabilized and strengthened, digestible juice secretion adjusted, digestion promoted, diarrhea relieved


1. Regulates bacteria colonies within the human body

2. Relax bowel

3. Prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis

4. Protect liver

5. Promote the absorption of mineral materials

6. Prevent obesity

7. Prevent tooth decay

8. Improve looks

9. It boosts immunity and reduces body aging

10. It can remove pigment spots by stimulating melanin degradation and metabolism to allow you have supple skin

11. It can be used for depletion and slag removal from the body and for weight reduction as well.

12. It can eliminate unpleasant odor of sweat and bad breadth

Usage: It is used half an hour before meal from one teaspoon to one tablespoon. It can be sucked, spread on bread or dissolved in tea

Note: The recommended time is at least 7-14 days

Diabetic patients should use with caution



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