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What is Sanbao Oral?

Also referred to as the Light of Life, it is made up of three essential essence riyuexing in the heaven; Three essentials essence Qi and spirit in the human body; Phoenix three essentials essence oral liquid; Let Qi and spirit become vigorous.

The three main components are

  • Black ants
  • Cordyceps sinsensis
  • Ginseng

In other words it is a super invigorating liquid that nourishes yin and tones yang, improves sexual function in both male and female and barrenness, cervical vertebra disease and protects the skin nails and hair.

It also improves the essence of life, vital energy and spirit.

It supplements components such as calcium, ferrous, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, vitamin, amino acids and protein

What are the characteristics of Phoenix three essentials essence oral liquid?

Black ants, cordyceps and ginseng serves as the principal raw materials used in the production of the three essentials essence oral liquid. The functions are to replenish calcuim, zinc, amino acid, essence, Qi and vitality

Cordyceps sinensis is very common to everyone.

Ginseng has excellent anti fatigue function and has a role in invigorating Qi and Yang.

Ants are more magical creatures, they have particularly tenacious vitality and adaptability, the existence of ants is found in the amber 100 million years ago, and there is no great difference with today’s ants in terms of their shapes

They have very long life, an ordinary worker ant can live 5000 years, yet a queen ant can live 20 years. However bees, locusts can only live a few months even though they are the same insects as ants.

They can resist rheumatism
Ants live in cold and wet caves all the year round, but they work all day long and avoid the perplex caused by rheumatism

They can resist mushroom poison
Ants often eat mildew decomposed plants and animals, scientists also try to feed ants with a variety of bacteria and virus. However ants are by no means contracted with any infectious diseases.

They have tremendous physical strength
Ants can often lift objects hundred times heavier than themselves and work tirelessly

Ants are addicted to sugar all their lives, yet we never hear that ants suffer from diabetes

There must be some special substances inside their bodies which have special effects on life entity! otherwise, how could they become so vigorous? In China, it is more than a thousand years since ants have been applied in the treatment of various diseases in traditional Chinese medicine including

  • Rheumatism disease
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes and many more

The discoveries of modern medicine reveals the facts that polyrhachis vicina contains 40-55% protein content, 14 kinds of essential trace elements required in the human body, 19 kinds of various amino acids and abundant vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B12 and vitamin C, D E etc; Inorganic salts contain calcium, iron, phosporous, selenuim, zinc etc, among the zinc content is particularly abundating. At the same time, it is also found that there exists a kind of active biological peptide composition, which can signficantly improve the body’s resistance against the body’s resistance against diseases and anti fatigue capacity

Football players always have better performances in the home than in the visiting field, researchers found that the testosterone level in vivo is significantly higher than that of athletes playing the visiting field. The reason lies in the fact that a high degree of exictement let human secrete more testosterone. Inspired by this phenomenon, our researchers found that ants can secrete more biological peptide substance

So we buy live ants and use them as raw materials, deal with them under the environment 3-5 degrees below zero and thus obtain more biological active substances. We conducted sub nanometer cell broken wall treatment in ants, cordyceps sinesis, ginseng and other raw materials, carried out low temperature extraction and low temperature peritoneum anti oxidation treatment and ultimately develop the three essentials essence oral liquid

Three essentials essence oral liquid cannot only replenish calcium, iron, phosphorous, selenium, zinc, vitamins amino acids, proteins and other components, but also possess obvious efficacy in terms of replenishing essence Qi and vitality. In addition, it can also dramatically improve the rheumatism, hepatitis, cervical pain and lower sexuality in both men and women

Other ingredients

  • Shitake mushroom
  • Ganoderma lucidum
  • Lilyturf root
  • Matrimony vine
  • Mycelium of Cordyceps
  • Astralagus root


1. Anti rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis
It enhances the functions of the immune organs, increases the white blood cells, lowers down the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and promotes the darkening of rheumatoid factor. In addition, it can also stimulate the hematopoiesis and improve the state of anemia

2. Have significant effect on hepatitis B
Play a supporting role in the treatment and protection of hepatitis B patients and surface antigen positive patients, quickly help the patient regain health, remove virus and repair the liver cell injury

3. Unique curative effect on diabetes
It enhances immunologic function, regulates endocrine and enhance glycometabolism, stimulates pancreatic islets b-cell function, improves the activity of insulin, and inhibit the generation of insulin antibodies

4. Promote the growth and development of thymus and spleen
Promotes the growth and development of thymus, spleen and other immune organs, enhance body’s immune and resistance capability and fundamentally achieve rejubenation

5. Eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy
Enhances the activity of macrophage and lympocyte, increase the white blood cells in blood and significantly reduce the serious side effects caused by radiotheraphy and chemotheraphy

6. Invigorate the kidney and support for yang
Achieve the effect of invigorating the kidney and supporting yang through replenishing essence, invigorating qi and replenishing vitality

Side effects

So far there has been no reported or documented side effect from clinical trials, this proves that fohow products are healthy and naturally beneficial to the bodies since they are made from foods and herbs as intended originally by nature


Fohow sanbao oral costs N16,500

Uses and duration for different diseases

Rheumatoid polyarthritis and other joint dieases: To be used for several months

Hepatitis B and C: Several months

Type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes (complication prevention_ For several months

Respiratory organ diseases: Bronchitis, chronic pnenmonia, lung emphysema, bronchial asthma, beginninf with several weeks up to several months. In the cases of lung tuberculosis, the course is longer, rhinitis, sinusitis otitis, dropping a few drops into an ear or nose twice a day until the symptoms disappear

Urogenital diseases: In men, prostrate hypertrophy and adenoma, reduced potency, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation: for women: menstruation cycle disorder, pelvic pains: use for several months

Pre cancer diseases and maligant tumors, especially during the course of chemo and radiotheraphy, continue the use after the treatment course with oral liquid Pheonix, 1-2 packs

High lipids: no less than 2 months or until a normal laboratory analysis is achieved

Dosage for adults

Minimal curative dose of Sanbao is 15ml a day. It can be increased up to 2 bottles (60ml) a day divided doses

Caution: For adults who suffer from respiratory diseases, broncial obstructions, dose is increases from 2ml by 1ml everyday, until clinical effect is achieved, that is suffocation is reduced and expectoration is increased. The appointed preparation doses are used up to two months

For teenagers, prescription should be done very carefully, because it stimulates urogenital system blood circulation

While sanbao oral can also help boost fertility to an extent, you should also consider fohow ares longlu capsule

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