Fohow Sanitary pad / Panty liner

Fohow Sanitary pad / Panty liner 1

What is Fohow Sanitary Pad?

Functional sanitary pad makes you health and relaxed every month during your periods. The sanitary pads or panty lines, soft, dry, breathable and protective are produced with the advanced technology and three great technologies such as


Far infrared ray

Nano silver

offering more love and care to women.


1. The pads can improve metabolism and balance the PH value

2. It can increase the content of oxygen and restore the activity of reactive oxygen

3. It enhances physiologic activity in the body

4. It promotes the compounding and storage of vitamins and the recovery and regeneration of impaired cells

5. It effectively constrains the growth of various bacteria

6. It expels harmful bodily wastes and reduces the burden on the kidney

7. It promotes blood circulation and helps in reducing inflammation, decrease swelling and relieves pain


1. Comfortability
Different from the chemical fiber surface or the coarse soft cotton surface of the conventional sanitary pad, the surface of the Fohow sanitary pad is made of soft and comfortable soft cotton, which makes you feel thinner, softer and more comfortable

2. Breathability
The basement membrane of the Fohow sanitary pad is breathable but impermeable compared with the plastic membrande which is airtight and impermeable, its sanitary security has been improved. The worse breathability of the coventional sanitary pads will speed up the bacterial reproduction thus causing a variety of gynecological diseases

3. Suction force
The suction force of the soft cotton surface of the Fohow sanitary pad is twice as much as that of the surface with materials such as chemical fiber, crystal, clear and abundant sucking factors can conceal the infiltrating liquid into the sucking layer, avoiding side leakage as well as reversing infiltration

4. Healthcare
The cotton omentum of the pad is studded with ion chip, which can emit ion in high concentration during the process of using and restrain the major source of diease of gynecologic inflammation: the growth of anaerobion by combining with the oxygen emitted by ion chip, thus reducing the rate of gynecologic infection and playing the role of health care with the pure physical function.

The PH value of normal woman vagina is 4.0 – 5.5, the self check card of woman vaginitis can condult self check through PH value of secretion of vagina, thus a woman may know her PH value within 5 minutes and make it clear whether she has gynecologic inflammation or not as well as the degree of the inflammation according to color constrast card. The self check card attached to each box can enable a woman to get to know the health situation of their private parts at home at any time

5. Safety
The aluminum foil packaging for food is used to the external packaging to the sanitary pad with zip seal which can be used repeatedly, achieving the functions such as moisture proof, bacteria proof and mold proof compared with the packaging made of other materials. Each sanitary pad is molded one at a time and sealed automatically on the production line without manual touch, avoiding the secondary pollution, safe and clean.

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