Fohow Liuwei Cha Tea

Fohow Liuwei Cha Tea 1

What is Fohow Tea?

Fohow Six flavour tea is a life like health preservation product, just as the name suggests, it made from 6 high quality herbs combined together using modern technology to bring out an amazing effect.

Good tea is very important to health, it is smooth and sweet, thus making it perfect. Fohow luiwei cha tea is the result of the unremitting effort of Fohow healthcare institute’s experts. Based on the formula that includes Puer tea (3 years +), radix astragali, salvia, pentapanax leschenaultii, chrysanthemum and honeysuckle and the application of modern technologies, it is a good choice for everyday healthcare.


1. Pu’er Tea: relieves sore throat and eliminates indigestion, helps with weight loss by reducing fat, resolves toxin and cures diseases

2. Radix astragali: Nourishes vitality, eliminates toxins and causes diuresis

3. Salvia: promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, reduces swelling and relieves pain

4. Pentapanax leschenaultii: prevents and fights cancer, reduces blood fat, improves look

5. Chrysanthemum: calms the liver and improves vision, dispel wind and clears heat

6. Honeysuckle: Clears heat and resolves toxin, cools blood and removes blood stasis


1. Taking tea before and after dinner can reduce the intake of fat

2. Prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

3. Cure diabetes and helps the body digest and absorb fat to prevent it from accumulating in the body, thus helps prevent obesity

4. For smokers it cools the blood and relieves sore throat, thus preventing respiratory system disease such as chronic bronchitis

5. It can relieve the burden on the liver and kidney, thus reduces the risk of cancer

6. Helps blood circulation and activates blood stasis, clearing away heat and toxic material and maintains beauty



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