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30 days weight loss challenge with our simple drink recipe you can make in your kitchen right now

Funny thing about this recipe is that, i stumbled upon it. I am the type of person who just likes to try things for the fun of it, so it happened i just decided to mix up all this and drink till a friend of mine told me i was getting thin, although i wasn't looking to lose weight because am already slim, but she said i was getting worse off and it hit me and i realized it was due to the recipe i was drinking so i had to stop it immediately

So hopefully this helps you, if you are looking to lose weight


  • Green Tea
  • Berry Tea (either raspberry or blueberry or a fusion of both)
  • Lemon or lemon juice
  • Ginger
  • Honey

How to prepare

  • Boil water in a kettle or pot
  • Brew the green tea and berry tea separately in different cups
  • Juice the lemon
  • Grate a little piece of ginger
  • when the tea is cool enough or warm
  • Pour into a blender, pour the lemon juice and ginger pieces, add honey
  • Then blend
  • Pour into a big cup or jug
  • Drink

You can do this in large quantities and refrigerate.

How to use

  • Drink 3 times a day before meal
  • Reduce your food intake
  • Be more active