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What is Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a veneral contagious disease that is most often transmitted through sexual intercourse with an infected person. It can infect both men and women and is very rampant among people between the ages of 15-24 years old. Areas of the body where it can affect includes the genitals, rectum and throat

Causes of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is caused by a bacteria known as Bacterium Neisseria Gonorrhoeae which only affects the reproductive tract and it can also sometimes affect the mucus membranes of the throat, eyes, rectum and mouth

One of the most common ways the infection is transmitted is through sexual intercourse with someone infected either in the penis, vagina, anus or mouth. Men do not have to ejaculate to catch or transmit gonorrhea.

Another way Gonorrhea is passed is through a mother to her new born baby

Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Its sad that, not all people who have gonorrhea have any symptoms, so this makes it very difficult to know when to seek treatment, although when the symptoms occur, they are usually within 2 to 10 days after contact and it can take up to 30 days to develop fully. some of the symptoms categorized into men and women includes the following

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in women

Here are some symptoms of Gonorrhea in females
In women several or any of these symptoms mentioned below may occur

  • There would be whitish discharge or somewhat greenish yellow discharge from the vagina
  • You will feel pelvic pain or pains in your lower abdomen
  • You will feel burning sensation when urinating
  • There will be bleeding between periods
  • You will spot after sexual intercourse
  • You will feel burning sensation in the throat because of oral sex
  • You will have swollen glands in the throat also because of oral sex
  • Some omen may experience painful bowel movements

Some may experience itching in the anus and soreness

Although in some women, the symptoms are very mild and they can go unnoticed.

Warning: Most women with gonorrhea discharge always mistake it with yeast infection, vaginal discharge could occur for so many reasons, so its always best to seek professional advice before going for self treatment

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men

In men, the symptoms usually appear 2 to 14 days after infection, some may experience

  • Whitish or greenish yellow discharge from the penis
  • Burning sensation in the penis while urinating
  • Swollen testicles or painful balls
  • Anal itching and soreness
  • Some may experience inflammation and pain in the prostrate gland

Gonorrhea Treatment

Get a Permanent Cure for Gonorrhea Now

So many people have been looking for how to treat Gonorrhea permanently, there has been so many cases of it reoccurring over and over again, yes some treatments might not be effective enough, but you need to understand that staying away from what causes it will stop you from having it again, so one of the safest ways is to use protection during sex, avoid anal sex and oral sex if you are not sure of your partner.

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