Misconception About Human Growth Hormone

Misconception About Human Growth Hormone 1

Most people just believe using growth hormones supplements will make them grow bigger, well although they are not entirely wrong but according to this genf20 plus reviews, there are two sides to this.

When you are still within an age range human growth hormone supplements actually help you grow and age, but once you pass that age range the reverse is the case, at this age range growth hormones helps you stop growing and maintains your achieved growth level and at this point the growth hormones work as anti aging agents like genf20 plus which is popular among aged people to help them stay and feel younger

What are the functions of growth hormones

1. It aids cell growth
2. It support cell regeneration
3. It helps the body retain calcium
4. It supports anti aging
5. It improves cognitive skills
6. It aids fat burning for weight loss

How to increase your growth hormone levels

1. By doing intermittent fasting
2. By taking foods rich in Arginine or supplements
3. By consuming foods rich in Vitamin B3 or supplements
4. By doing intense exercises or workouts

What are the factors that decrease growth hormones in the body

1. Insomnia
2. Sugar
3. Stress
4. Fatty foods

What do you stand to achieve with growth hormones

  1. For bodybuilders it can help you gain mass very quickly and permanently
  2.  HGH helps convert stored fats and calories into energy
  3.  It can help convert proteins into lean muscles
  4. It helps reverse the aging process if you are much older
  5. If you are much younger it will help grow bigger faster

There is really not much to human growth hormones other than this, despite what the big pharma companies or so called doctors would have you believe. Growth hormones are produced in the body naturally and is at it’s peak when you are much younger and begins to spiral down as you grow older. Supplements help compensate a bit especially for older people

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