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What is Guifei Bao?

Fohow Guifei Bao is a female enhancement and curative product made according to traditional Chinese medicine theory, it works by insertion into the vagina in two ways

  1. Dredging Governor Vessel
  2. Conception Vessel

It works by regulating yin and yang to balance circulation by replenishing Qi and blood statis, eliminating toxins and waste from the body

It also purifies blood and removes heat from blood, regenerates cells, removes necrosis and promotes granulation.

Uses – What can you use it for?

Unpleasant Vagina smell


Vaginal discharge

Senile vaginitis

Trichomonas vaginitis

Pelvic inflammation disease

Pruritus vulvae

Cervical erosion


Ovarian cyst

Cervical polyp

Irregular menstruation


Postpartum hemorrhage


Vaginal & uterus constriction

Beauty maintenance

Price – How much Guifei Bao Cost?



1. For Self Examination
You can use just one pill to find out if you suffer from gynecopathy or not.
what is gynecopathy? It is any form of disease specific to women

2. For Self Cleansing
You can also use only one qinggong pill to clear or remove any toxin or waste inside your vagina

3. For Self Cure
This wonderful traditional chinese medicine pill is useful for the treatment of various diseases like fibroid, cervical erosopn, ovarian cyst, blocked fallopian tubes etc

4. For Self Beauty
You can restore your youthful beauty by improving your facial appearance, this pill can help you if you are paling, tarnishing, have wrinkled skin, dull appearance etc

5. For Self Nourishment
Using just one pill a month can help prevent gynecological diseases, constrict vagina and uterus

Note: To boost fertility you can use with Ares Longlu Capsule

Is Guifei bao a capsule?

Yes it comes in the form of a tiny capsule but not the edible type of capsule but a capsule made of fibre cloth material which covers the herbal formulation, a thread is also attached to the pill to allow for easy removal from the vaginal

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1. It is useful for the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases caused by cervical erosion, pelvic inflammation, hsyteromyoma and mycotic infection

2. It acts like a micro vaccum to clear dead cells, menses, toxin and waste from inside the vagina.

3. It helps to remove unpleasant smell and the root cause of any infections

4. It promotes metabolism, activates stem cells, stimulates the secretion of estrogen to help regain the physiological function of gential organs

5. It helps to remove necrosis and promotes granulation

6. It helps restore the vitality of dying cells, smoothens and nourishes the vagina and cervix

7. It helps restore the elasticity in the vagina, helps to constrict uterus after giving birth, repairs the damaged birth canal, regain and maintain healthy tissue

8. It helps increase sensitivity and sexual desire

9. It postpones menopause, relieves vagina dryness and keep sexual desire from reducing

10. It improves and restores the physiological function of genital organ, promoting blood circulation to remove blood statis

11. It activates cells and regulates internal secretion

12. It makes your skin glow, smooth, shiny, rosy and less wrinkled, it brings out the ultimate charm of a woman

13. It helps restore fertility and dredges the fallopian tube


Dragon’s Resin


Fructus cnidii


Dried alum Borax

Cortex pseudolaricis



Sophorae flavescentis



Here are a few success stories from various women who have used this product successfully

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I had multiple fibroid, where the biggest one was 74mm by 72mm, i was introduced to Guifei Bao and to other products of the company, amazingly within two months, the fibroid were cleared off.. Mrs Olakusile, Ogun State

Hello my testimony on Fohow Guifei Bao and Danshen with the sanitary pad after two dosages result into 6 years inability to conceive after 1 child..From Niger State

God’s miracle indeed because i once had a pregnancy when i had fibroids and i didn’t know i had them but unfortunately i had a miscarriage after 6 months

I have personally used one of their product to regain my menstruation after an untimely menopause and i also recommended it to a friend who used it to treat gynecological infection and also achieved vagina tightening..Mrs oloye Otta Ogun State

I had ovarian cyst for about 7 years and i could not conceive. I have spent a lot of money to the extent that i did not believe the ovarian cyst remedy kit will work for me when i came across it. To my surprise, i was placed on it for just 1 month after which i went for a scan and the doctor confirmed that the cyst had disappeared. Presently i am 3 months pregnant. Mrs Olayemi (Akure, Ondo State)

Side Effects

So far, there is apparently no known side effects

Administration & Usage

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1. Open the aluminum foil bag, use the disposable finger cot, loose the thread on the pill

2. Put the pill in warm water for 3 seconds to moist it or apply aloe gel

3. Insert the pill into the depth of your vagina and leave the end of the thread out, if you feel the thread won’t be long enough, you can tie another thread to it

4. You can pull the pill out with the thread left outside the body after 5 days


1. Do not insert 2 days to menstrual period, you can only insert the second day after your menstrual period

2. You must remove the insertion pill if menstruation starts suddenly

3. Virgins, lactating and pregnant women cannot use the insertion pill

4. There should be no sexual intercourse while using the pill

5. Those who just had an operation or abortion cannot use the insertion pill

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