Hair Loss Remedies You Need To Know

Hair Loss Remedies You Need To Know 1

With all the latest advances in medical science, now there are several hair loss remedies available. Let whatever be the cause of hair loss, now you never have to compromise with your bald head. Even if hair loss is irreversible, there are several new techniques available now that can grow hair on any scalp again.

But you must remember that every hair loss remedy has got its own advantages and disadvantages. The best hair loss remedy is one that works for you. Before trying any of the remedies available over-the-counter, you are strongly advised to take suggestion from your doctor and talk to people who already used those remedies.

Firstly you must diagnose your main cause that is causing your hair loss. If your hair loss is sudden and due to some illness there are chances that your hair loss is temporary and you will grow your hairs soon without much effort. Also if hair loss is due to some psychological or physical stress then rooting out the main causes of stress and trying to avoid such physical and mental condition in future helps to recover your hair loss soon.

But if baldness run in your family after certain age and is due to hereditary factors then any fast track remedy to grow your hair again will turn futile for you. Probably stopping this type of hair loss due to hereditary factors is most difficult.

If your hair loss is due to some vitamin deficiency then consuming supplements for the deficient vitamins and minerals can definitely help you to re-grow your hairs. There are lots of natural dht blockers available. Best way to avoid this kind of hair loss is by maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet that ensures your overall health and growth. Vitamin B6, biotin, zinc and magnesium are the major nutrients that nourish hairs and ensure their health, eating foods rich in these nutrients can immensely help to improve your hair strength and life.

Certain medical treatments like chemotherapy etc cause complete shedding of hairs. But once the treatment is over and your health is recovered; slowly hairs also grow again and you can have your natural hairs back. Doctors prescribe drugs like propecia for androgenic hair loss. But it may have side effects on your sexual life, do make sure you discuss all possible side effects for this kind of treatments with your doctor.

Natural Hair Loss Remedy

Problem with many hair loss remedies available over the counter is all of them have their own pros and cons. Most of them come with their side effects which are not known to you. So many people still prefer to try natural hair loss remedies, there are several such traditional and contemporary natural hair loss remedies which people are practicing with best results since many years.

Best thing about these remedies is that they are free from side effects and tested and proven since years by many people. They not only help you regain your hairs but also contribute to your overall health and fitness.

The reason why many of these natural hair loss remedies work is that at the very basic level hair growth in our body, entirely depend on our food and nutrients that we eat. Just like any other part of our body, if all required vitamins and minerals are provided in sufficient amounts our hair remain healthy and live longer. The importance of such balanced diet can never be underestimated.

A diet that contains cucumbers, potatoes, red and green peppers and sprouts which are rich in silica provide great strength to hairs and follicles. Similarly foods that are rich in iron like fresh meat etc can also help your hair to grow stronger. People who consume only vegetarian foods are more susceptible for hair loss due to iron deficiency. You must work with your dietician and prepare an ideal balanced diet that can contribute to overall health and fitness.

Many herbs and plants which are used to treat different problems are fast gaining recognition and many people are turning to them for treatments. Even though efficiency of these natural remedies is still not scientifically proven, you are strongly advised to seek your doctor advice before trying any of these methods. Talking to people who had similar cause of hair loss and were benefited with these natural hair loss remedies can also help you decide which remedy you can try.

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