How To Become Smart & Intelligent

How To Become Smart & Intelligent 1

Becoming smart is not rocket science like most would believe and yes some are born smart while others have to work so hard to attain it, the bottom line is that being smart is achievable and not far fetched

Although many people assume that using a brain pill will make them smart but that is far fetched, using a limitless pill or some sort, if that exists actually will only help you do the following

1. Increase cognitive skills
2. Increase your mental focus
3. Increase your concentration levels
4. Help you cope better with stress

So sorry, no smart pill will turn you into a genius like in the limitless movie. So how then do you become smart, well you can try any of these

1. Invest in a good supplement that will help you achieve the benefits of enhanced cognitive skills, increased mental focus and concentration

2. Avoid to much stress, when you are stressed to often it cripples your brain cells

3. Engage in mental activities like puzzle games, video games, memorization of words or content you just read, the goal is to exercise your brain. By doing this you unleash your brain’s cognitive and reasoning skills optimally

4. Associate with people who you feel are smarter than you are, overtime their smartness will rub off on you. Like attracts

5. Always eat, never go to hungry for long as this will deplete the brains nutrients, just like the muscles and body needs food to sustain itself the brain also needs to food to keep working. For example your car needs gas and the moment it runs out of it, it will break down

6. Whenever you are faced with a challenge, tackle it head on, never try to avoid it, the brain thrives well in difficulties and constraints, the greatest minds today made their discoveries during times of crisis

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