With Just A Minimum Of N10,000 You Can Start Making Money With Our Turnkey Health Consultancy Business

Health is wealth, you can be wealthy and not healthy, but you can be healthy and wealthy, because there are lots of people with lots of money who are suffering from one health problem or the other, going from one specialist to the other. Yes they are wealthy but not healthy, there are others to who live life stress free and are healthy and happy

The irony is that, the wealthy person will give anything to be healthy and happy like the healthy person.

This is where you come in as an alternative health consultant, you see, worldwide $1,668 Trillion is spent on health care, what does this mean? Well it means health is wealth and people must spend to take care of themselves, it is a given, it is not conditional because no one wants to die, everyone wants to enjoy life

Sadly orthodox medicine is failing, as the reality is that, they only suppress and does not solve the problem. Alternative health is paving the way now with Asia in the forefront, just do a research on the life expectancy of an average Asian, it far exceeds that of the westerners and sadly Africans as well.

Why is this so, well it is because they do not eat processed foods and chemically induced medicines, they use herbal product which is nature’s gift to mankind. Even in the bible it is noted that herbs was created for food and medicine.

Top Asian health companies have over the years through extensive research and development being able to come up with remedies for various health problems like

  • Fibroid
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Joint & Back Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Infertility in both Men & Women
  • Malaria & Typhoid
  • Infections like Gonorrhea, Syphilis & Toilet infections

So as a health consultant you will be the link or middleman between these health companies and people who are looking for solutions to such problems, apart from making cool profits the company will also reward you with different compensation plans and gifts

But how do i go about this you may ask?

Well we have done it and are still doing it, now we are offering you the opportunity to plug in to our system. We have tried it all and now we know what works best, you do not need to do any trial and error

We work with two great companies

  • Fohow International
  • A2W – Ruzu

Fohow is a one of the leading pioneers in traditional Chinese medicine and have successfully created award winning products one of which is Guifei Bao

Fohow Business Opportunity

  • Invest N1,000,000 get products worth 1,000,000 and earn N250,000 to N350,000 instantly the following week and our turnkey system will sell the products for you.
  • Additionally you earn N300,000 retail profit and travel the world as well
  • A2W is a wealth company whose product range includes ruzu herbal bitters, the most sort after herbal drink in Nigeria till date. Proudly Nigerian too.



A2W – Ruzu Business Opportunity

Invest N1,000,000 you begin helping lives from level 2

  • Earn N130,000 the following week
  • Get N1,000,000 worth of products
  • Our turnkey system will help you sell making you retail profit of N200,000
  • Two more steps to move out of helping lives and start earning N1,000,000 on every bottle as they change levels
  • You become an A2W distributor and will qualify for a house worth N30,000,000. Travel worth N500,000 and a car worth N5,000,000

Helping Lives Compensation Plan 

Home Ownership Plan

Invest N2,000,000 on helping lives, you begin from level 3

  • Earn N260,000 the following week
  • Retail profit of N400,000
  • Sell your products using our turnkey system
  • One more step to move out of helping lives to start earning N1,000,000 on every bottle for life as they change levels
  • You become an A2W distributor and will qualify for a house worth N30,000,000, travel worth N500,000 and car worth N5,000,000

Proof That You Can Earn Foreign Currency With Ruzu Bitters

Here is a distributor’s container of Ruzu Herbal Bitters that was shipped to the USA recently


How To Make Money Online From Home as a Health Consultant

We have developed a system whereby, you just sit at home receive calls for orders from people who are interested in buying around your location.

So its as simple as these 3 steps

  • Join us
  • Receive calls for orders
  • Deliver the product

When you join us, we put you on our platform in any location you want, you might choose to cover Victoria Island or your immediate locality where you live, in less than 48 hours you will start receiving calls from people looking for health solutions from all over the Nigeria and overseas as well

Why is this system working for us?

It ‘s dead simple, we take advantage for our search engine rankings & traffic for keywords like

  • Guifei Bao
  • Fibroid Treatment
  • Fohow Ares Longlu Capsules
  • Infertility

Also, our treatment kits (Fohow products & Ruzu herbal bitters) work and it’s sells itself, so we have just placed ourselves in between as distributors and solution providers, and each passing day, the demand for treatment solutions increases astronomically, it’s mind blowing honestly. Well Health is life, if you are healthy, you are happy and full of life.

Here is proof


How Much Can You Make?

Well you can actually dictate how much you want to offer your solutions…It’s a closely guided secret, and we have cracked the code. This is a product and solution based system and not a network marketing system, the secret is, the more you buy and resell as a distributor, the closer you get to making N1,000,000 as a distributor apart from your retail profit, it’s as simple as that people.

But How Can You Sell Once You Have The Products?

Yes that’s where we shine, with our proven online turnkey system, we simply just add you to our existing traffic pulling platform, calls for orders will start to come in on your phone within 48 hours

Alternative you can choose to order products from us on demand, meaning as the orders come in you place an order to us and we make them available to you while you deliver to your client

Warning: You would need to get a separate phone for this, because you might even receive a call around 2am midnight, that’s how crazy this is.

Proof of orders

I once received a call 6 am Sunday morning while i was preparing to go to church, i got angry and yelled please call me back tomorrow

We will help you all the way till you are able to stand on your own

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