Is There A Cure For Premature Ejaculation

Is There A Cure For Premature Ejaculation 1

Premature ejaculation refers to men ejaculating to quickly either before or after penetration without any intense or slight sexual stimulation. This can often be very frustrating because the climax of sexual sanctification is never attained for both the man and woman. Check out vigrx plus for help on this

PE often belittles men as sex performance is often attributable to manliness and status, no matter how rich or wealthy a man is it can never make up for poor sex for women, that’s why you often realize that women with such men often spend the man’s money on her men who can pleasure her in bed

Premature ejaculation can be cured if you understand why it happens to you, here are some possible reasons of PE

1. Stress

2. High blood sugar

3. Porn & Masturbation

4. Low self esteem

5. High expectations

6. Anxiety

7. Depression

8. Long time you ejaculated last

So to cure premature ejaculation you need to

1. Do away with stress as much as possible

2. Stop watching porn because it creates a false perception about sex in your head and messes with your reasoning making you lose control over your sexual performance

3. Masturbation does much worst than premature ejaculation, it also causes erectile dysfunction

4. Avoid smoking and drinking excessive alcohol

5. Reduce sugar intake drastically, switch to honey

6. Adjust your mindset, do not let the thought of how well you would perform cripple your performance, she is equally as anxious as you are or not more.

7. Always remember that porn isn’t real, it is acted, so do have to much expectations as this would lead to premature ejaculation

There are some herbs and foods that can help cure premature ejaculation, you can find out more in this vigrx plus review, but below are a few

  1. Horny Goat Weed

A powerful herb that encourages blood flow to the penis, when blood flow is enough it aids erection, like every part of the body, blood flow is it’s source of energy, for the brain to function well it needs enough blood flow

2. Herba Cistance

This is a powerful Chinese aphrodisiac, it boosts sex performance by toning the liver, has been used in China for ages and it has lots of numerous health benefits

3. Garlic

This is a common herb we overlook most times, this herb supports blood flow into the various part of the body, asides that it also helps get rid of infection, sometimes infections in the body affects performance levels

4. Ginger 

Like garlic also supports penis blood flow

5. Watermelon

Wonderful superfruit, can be used in making a viagra alternative click here to learn how to make a home made natural watermelon viagra

6. Green Tea

This tea has lots of wonderful benefits due to ingredients and one of such is in sexual performance but this is not widely known, try a cup 20 minutes before sex and you would be amazed

7. Honey

Ironically, a sweetener that aids sexual performance, ideally anything sweet should kill sexual performance, well not honey, known for it’s many health properties, it boosts sperm count quality and quantity and helps in performance as well

8. Ginko Biloba

Originally known for boosting the brain functions by pumping blood to the brain, it also pumps blood to the penis

Try incorporating some of the above items into your daily diet and you would see a whole lot of improvement after a short period of time

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