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Nail fungus Treatment

Nail fungus

Nail fungus also known as onychomycosis is a common ailment which starts out as a whitish or yellowish spot under either the tip of your fingernail or toenail. Although sometimes, this condition or ailment may be mild and insignificant, but there are cases where it could be thick and painful

Toe fungus

This is nail fungus that appears on toenail, always looks unpleasant, imagine putting on open toe shoes and screaming out of it, is your scaling disfigured toenail.


Foot fungus

Foot fungus also known as athlete's foot is a fungus infection which affects the skin on the feet, it is mostly contagious and can spread rapidly to the hands and toenails

Another name for foot fungus or althelete's foot is tinea pedis and this infection is commonly found in athletes hence the name athletes foot

Infected toenail

An infected toenail may not be that serious but is often very hard to cure, it's worse if you have diabetes or your immune system is weak

The toenail gets infected when tinea fungus grows on the feet and spreads to the toe, most time this infection can be contacted from an infected person through direct contact and by touching surfaces already contaminated with the fungus.

This fungus grows and thrives in warm and moist environments and can be commonly contacted in locker room floors, close to the swimming pools and showers


Fungal nail infection treatment

You can treat fungal nail infections using some of these tried and proven home remedies

Tea Tree Oil
Rich in anti-fungal and antiseptic properties, clean affected area and rub the oul directly on it leaving it to dissolve on the and nail and skin for about 15 mins before you scrub it off.
For effective results use daily

Baking Soda
This is another remedy suitable for neutralizing foot order by drying up the excess moisture on yout toes. Let it soak for up to 15 mins before you rinse off

White or apple cider vinegar
Vinegar is one of the best natural remedies to eliminate nail fungus, it stops the fungus by preventing it from spreading, it kils the bacteria and fungi. To use mix vinegar with water in the right proporton and put the infected nail in it for about 30 mins and thoroughly dry foot after. Be sure to do this daily to get good results

Surprisingly mouthwash does not only kill bacteria and germs in the mouth it can also kill fungus bacterias and infections. To use mix white vinegar and mouthwash together, soal the infected area in the mixture for at least 30 mins, scrub the infected area gently. You should this until the fungus is cleared

Yes garlic can be used also because of it's anti-fungal properties like allicin and ajoene which can help cure toenail fungus. Crush some pieces and add to white vinegar, then add to the affected area and cover with bandage or plaster if not to wide. Leave it on for a couple of hours before removing


Best otc nail fungus treatment

Nail fungus TreatmentZeta clear is one of the best fungal nail treatment product in the market today, it is clinically proven and FDA approved, using it will help you

Get rid of nail fungus

Clear yellow keratin debris

Other benefits of using Zeta clear is that

  • It is easy to apply with a topical or make up brush
  • It is made from natural ingredients hence making it safe and effective
  • In just a few weeks you would start to see noticeable difference

Nail fungus Treatment

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Best toenail fungus treatment & cure

Dealing with toenail fungus is not as easy as just applying a topical medication like most people think, this might work, but not in the long term. You also have to get rid of the bacteria causing the infection in the body by eliminating yeast overgrowth which is the main cause of nail fungus.

To eliminate nail fungus bacteria

  • You need to reduce or cut off your sugar intake, as this is what the bacterias feed on to survive and grow
  • You should consume food rich in good bacteria like yogurt
  • You should also consume more protein, fiber and healthy fats

Toe fungus treatment

Here are some simple tips you can use

  • Switch to breathable shoes
  • Always wear socks
  • Keep your toes dry at all times
  • Sleep well
  • Be more active
  • Use a good OTC medication or product

Nail fungus TreatmentZeta clear comes in a 1 Fl Oz oral spray bottle and 1/2 Fl Oz clear nail solution. It is formulated using a proprietary mix of natural oils which have been tested and proven to make the nails healthy, the science behind Zeta clear is rather complex but achieving effective results requires special formulations.

Forget the creams and prescription drugs that don't work and if they do work usually only offer temporary results. Move over to organic essential oils which have used since the beginning of time.

  • No prescription needed to use it
  • It naturally treats nail fungus

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