Online Doctor Like Dr Spring How Effective?

Online Doctor Like Dr Spring How Effective? 10

There is a new concept raving in the medical field today, the concept of getting medical advice and treatment online from websites such as Doctor Spring where you start by submitting your question describing your health concerns or complaints with the option of uploading reports of images needed to further explain your situation.

Next you choose the type of consultation you are seeking, by choosing from a list of GP’s or specialists or a multi specialist health board, after this you go on to choose your preferred payment option and making payment from as little as $21.

The next stage is the feedback, where you get detailed reports by top doctors, you get answers, recommendations and information on the symptoms including a diagnosis and treatment plans. Another fascinating feature is that you get replies from GP’s in like 2 hours, while specialists reply to your inquiries in like 6 hours.

You also get free follow ups if you need clarifications or perhaps you need to share more reports to get further insight on your problems, to sweeten the deal there is a money back guarantee after the first reply if you are not satisfied. But honest with a database 500,000 consultants i guess there is no issue that can pass through them unsolved.

This is a brilliant concept if you ask me, makes life easy but i still feel there needs to be a proper visitation to the hospital, these concept will be useful for minor health issues which do not really require any physical examination. Another good thing about this i see is that, it will make hospitals less crowded and those in need of treatment and care will be given proper care and attention.

So it is a win win which ever way, this online doctor concept can be tailored or geared towards minor issues, looks very promising and is something i will actually like to give a try, really hate visiting hospitals really so this would come in handy.

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