What Can I do To Reduce My Period Pain or Cramps

What Can I do To Reduce My Period Pain or Cramps 1

Period cramps or pain can be very dreadful and women during this period become very cranky and act nasty unintentionally. Other women have it easy but that’s in the minority, majority suffer pain during their menstrual periods. Check out these provestra reviews

You need to understand that menstrual cramps or pains occurs as a result of the temporary stop of blood supply to the uterus and the body reads this lack of oxygen delivery to the uterus as pain. Provestra is a good female enhancement supplement that increases blood flow to the uterus

There are some simple but effective ways to reduce period pain or cramps

1. Garlic
This herb helps increase blood flow to every part of the body and can help relieve the pain by forcing blood flow to the uterus during the temporary seizure

2. Ginger
Like garlic also supports blood flow, mixing with ginger can actually go a very long way in reducing menstrual pains

3. Unsweetened Raw Cocoa Powder
Well might not support blood flow but it releases some feel good hormones to the body to help take the edge of the pain

4. Gingko Biloba
Used purposely for brain health, but it supports blood flow to other parts of the body

5. Light Foreplay or Sexual Stimulation
It sounds funny, but true, during your menstrual period having light foreplay like kissing and fondling and getting sexually excited helps increase blood flow to your uterus

6. Exercising
Doing this regularly during and off your period times helps your overall blood flow

These are just a few tips you can work on from now on, just be consistent with any of them and in no time you will enjoy the results. You do not have to suffer in silence.

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