PhenQ Reviews: The 2 in 1 Ultimate Weight Loss Pill

PhenQ is a new slimming product designed after the concept of Phentermine a notorious weight loss pill that was outrageously successful in helping people lose weight but had dire side effects like

  • Constipation
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Fatigued eyes
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

So the company behind PhenQ studied the property and ingredients of phentermine and removed the harmful ingredients that caused the above side effects and added other helpful ingredients to formulate this top notch weight loss supplement.


PhenQ Reviews

This powerful supplement is manufactured both in the US and UK in facilities approved by both the FDA and GMP. PhenQ works as both an appetite suppressant and fat burner which will ensure optimal weight loss because while it helps you stop eating less, it also helps burn the existing fats stored in the body.

Yes this formula contains most of the regular ingredients present in other weight loss pills, but PhenQ has a key scientifically proven ingredient that makes it better and more superior to the others in the area of fat burning. Let us dive in to them below

PhenQ Ingredients

Capsimax powder : This is a blend of

  • capsicum
  • piperine (black pepper)
  • caffeine
  • niacin (vitamin B3)

The above combination gives you a thermogenic property which helps you lose weight by turning up the body heat. Piperine from studies has also proven to help the body stop formation of new fat cells

Calcium Carbonate

Well am sure you thinking, what does calcium have to do with weight loss, i thought it was for just strong bones and teeth. Well you may be right, but am sure you didn’t know that calcium is also useful in maintaining a healthy weight, it encourages the body’s cells to store less fat by informing the cells that the body is well nurtured and needs no more fats. So this shifts the cells focus to burning the stored fat instead. So with calcium you can shed that excess weight pretty quickly


Nopal cactus a fibre rich ingredient which helps you gain more control over hunger, it is rich in amino acids that gives you the required energy needed during your weight loss process. Another good thing it does is to help you reduce excess weight which is caused by fluid retention and it does this by flushing fluids from the body’s tissues into the bloodstream.

L-Carnitine Furmarate

A popular ingredient used by most supplements, it is a naturally occurring amino acid which can be derived from foods like red meat, nuts and green vegetables. It aids the body in turning fat into energy, so which this you not only burn fat but also beat fatigue that is caused dieting.


PhenQ Diet Pills

why you should use it?

Here are the reasons why you should use PhenQ

  • It is uniquely formulated to give you better results than most weight loss pills
  • It helps you burn fat to give you that body you have always dreamed of
  • It works as an appetite suppressant to help you eat less
  • It also works as a fat burner to help you burn stored fats which will help you stop weight gain
  • It helps improve your mood
  • It boosts your energy level
  • It is approved for high quality in the US and UK

PhenQ Side Effects

There are currently no documented side effects, but as with all supplements, the body system varies and some handle ingredients better and differently from the other. Like for myself, some ingredients make me feel nausea, so some common effects you might experience initially may include

  • headache
  • dry mouth
  • constipation

All this may only happen initially but never goes on for long

PhenQ Customer Reviews

PhenQ is fast becoming a favorite among people who want to lose weight and most of these people have been able to have the body they so desired.

See how PhenQ helped Kyra reach her weight loss goals

PhenQ Before & After Pics




Where to buy PhenQ

You can buy PhenQ directly from the manufacturer from their merchant website, they decided to control the distribution and sales of the product themselves in order to avoid counterfeits which could endanger the life of their customers and damage the reputation of the product. You can click the image below to go straight to PhenQ website