If You Are Planning A Detox

If You Are Planning A Detox 10

Reasons Why You May Need A Detox

Have you ever wished that you could physically hit the refresh button and set your body on the right track?  Is the constant fatigue or chronic illness keeping you down? Is your gut misbehaving almost every other day? These could be signs that you need to change what you are eating and take your lifestyle in a different direction. A detoxification might just be the solution that you need.

What is a Detox?

A detox does not involve strapping you to a secret medical experiment. It is a strategized dietary plan where your regular food will be replaced by a formula to encourage your body to flush out the toxins. Many people may associate detox with someone who is being treated for substance abuse or alcohol dependency.

However, a detox diet is completely different. Regular lifestyles can stock up the toxins in the body – processed food and other unhealthy snacks and meals contribute to that. What happens in a detox is that you follow a certain routine and diet that helps kick out the chemicals in your system and it also works for weight loss.

Getting a detox is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is not comparable to a regular crash diet and you need to stay informed at every step of the decision-making process. If you are planning a detox, your timing and the detox program should be the right one.

Why do you need a Detox?

The answer to this is another question – where does our body accumulate foreign toxins from? The air we breathe is one of the most obvious answers. Both indoor and outdoor air quality has a huge factor in the chances of getting a respiratory condition.

The water that you drink too can add unwanted chemicals into your body. If caffeine and alcohol form part of your liquid diet then expect some toxic leftovers in your system over a period of time. The wrong food can be the biggest inducer of toxins in your body. The herbicides and pesticides present, and the additives and preservatives found in most products introduce a variety of harmful chemicals that settle into your body.

Even your toiletries contain chemicals that get absorbed. Think of your toothpaste or shampoo. If you are taking medication, the chemical cocktail in your body gets another addition. Stress and bad physical shape also make things worse – your body will not be able to perform its defensive anti-toxin functions properly.

This long list above is just a brief glimpse of the things that are pouring toxins into your system. But this is not a time for despair. All it takes is some dedication and discipline and you can get back on track.

Benefits of a Detox

A detox diet cuts out on salts and fats and this will result in weight loss. It gives you a chance to maintain a sustainable weight for the long-term (no weight yo-yo effect) too as the detox is progressive in nature, unlike the shock of a crash diet.

It is advised that once the detox is done, you incorporate some of the habits gained into your everyday routine. A detox diet will also help you maintain good energy levels throughout the day as your body sheds its dependence on sugar and caffeine, which cause energy crashes after an initial rush.

With a detox, you are doing your organs a great favor. Your overworked pancreas and liver get a much-needed vacation to rejuvenate. Your digestive system which has been going on overdrive also gets a breather. This also results in stronger immunity. Since your body has had proper internal rest, it becomes an efficient mechanism absorbing nutrients to the optimum level.

Some detox diets have foods that boost the lymphatic system. A good detox will also improve your skin and you will enjoy stronger and shinier hair. One of the biggest changes you will feel is the mental one.

Anxiety happens when you are physically low and a detox is a way to pull you out of that hole. Better mental health will help you do better at work and enjoy better personal dynamics with others.

You may experience certain reactions during the detox itself as your body adjusts to a new regime. But once you have chosen the right plan, it is completely worth it. There are detox plans that are aimed at different body parts – the ‘liver cleanse’ and ‘master cleanse’ detox plans are very popular. Nowadays, with specially formulated diets available, you have better choices and higher probabilities of achieving the results you want.

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