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It helps clear fibroid without operation used in conjunction with other herbs. It also has obvious effect of getting rid of dead cells.

It has certain efficacy in infertility by balancing Ph value inside the vagina and dredging fallopian tube
It increases sexual desire, postpone.

It relieves Menopause and vagina dryness.

It removes infections and unpleasant smell from the vagina.

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Product Description


Rhubarb, Fructus Cnidii
Radix Sophorae, Flavescent is Bomeol, Dragon herb extract
Safflower Cortex Pseudolaricis
Dry alum, Catechu, Borax

1. Dredges Governor and Conception Vessel
2. Activate cell of the organ
3. Remove dead cells, purify blood
4. Regulates vaginal temperature
5. Constricts vagina and uterus
6. Remove bad smell, regenerate cells
7. Detoxifies blood and promote blood circulation
8. Removes blood clot.

Scope OF Use
Leucorrhea with reddish discharge, senile virginities, bad smell in the vagina trichomonas virginities, calpitis, mycotica pelvic inflammation, annexitis, pruritus vulvae cervical erosion, hysteromyoma, ovarian cyst cervical polyp, irregular menstruation discomfort, postpartum hemorrhage, lochirrhea, splash acne and sterilization.

1. Self-examination – Only one pill you need to find out whether you suffer gynecopathy or not
2. Self-Clearing – Only one pill you need to clear away toxin and waist inside your vagina
3. Self-Curing – For treatment of diseases like hysteromyoma, cervical erosion, ovarian cyst etc.
4. Self-Beautifying – Gives facial quality by attacking splash, xerosis, cutis, wrinkled skin etc.
5. Self-Nourishing – Only one pill per month you need to prevent gynecological disease, constricts vagina ad uterus and refreshes

1. Purification: By preventing gynecological diseases caused by colpitis, cervical erosion, hysteroptosis, unpleasant smell of leucorrhea, pelvic inflammation, annexitis hysteromyoma and mycotic infections, you are clean and neat.
2. Clearing and detoxifying – by means of micro-vacuum it can clear away menses, dead cells, toxins and waist inside vagina, and unpleasant smell.
Activate stem cells, stimulate the secretion or estrogen and regain normal function of the organ.
3. Restore dying cell, promote granular secretion, smooth and nourish the vagina and rough tissue in uterine neck, regain the elasticity and sensibility, constrict uterus after birth, repair damaged birth canal, regain and maintain healthy tissue.
4. Postpone senility – postpone menopause, ease your mind, restore vigor, upgrade sexual quality and promote glandular secretion.
5. Beautifying and nourishing – Improve the genital organ, promoting blood circulation, activate cells regulate internal secretions, reduce splash and wrinkle smoothen skin.
6. Life Preservation – Using one or two pill can promote metabolism, keeps you healthy and vigorous.
7. Infertility – It is very effective in infertility cases by balancing PH value inside the vagina and dredging the fallopian tube.


6 Pills in a park

Mode of Usage
Insert the pill immediately after opening
Soak in warm water for a few seconds
Insert into the vagina until the third day.
Use figure gloves provided only.
Note: The pill is thrown away once it is removed

1. For external use only!
2. Prohibited for virgins and pregnant women.
3. Not to be used in menstrual and lactation period. No use right before and after menstruation.
4. Use with caution anyone who just had an abortion and who is allergic to constitution
5. Cannot substitute for medicine

For International Orders

Send an email to yourherbalremedy@gmail or whatsapp +2348096147937


3 reviews for FOHOW GUIFEI BAO

  1. admin

    Help With What Exactly?
    Please send us an email at yourherbalremedy@gmail.com

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laraba Daryan

    Hello! Please I need your help, I have fibroids for over 10 years now, and have a daughter with it, I had CS when I had my daughter, still there and trying conceive, but the fibroid is getting bigger with time, I have got the uterine fibroids, please help me, what can I use?

  3. Rated 3 out of 5


    Hi, please could you tell me if herb can clear blocked tubes?

    • admin

      Hello katie

      You can try tumeric and black seed powder mixed in honey

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