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Herbal Tooth Paste


It prevents tooth decay

It kills bacterial in the mouth

Prevents and cure ulcer, gum ache, gum bleeding.

It also cure body damaged by enzymes


Product Description

Toothpaste Phoenix with cordyceps and ganoderma is the result of years of searching and research professors from the Research Institute of Phoenix.

This cordyceps, ganoderma extract, and many other natural plant extracts – glucoside, and phenol.

Scientific association of these components has a bidirectional regulatory action, double normalization of bacterial background mouth and toothpaste is a third generation.

Hourglass regulatory action: cordyceps and ganoderma have the exclusive bi-directional regulatory action, radically improving the status of the oral cavity.
Double normalization of bacterial background: vegetable glucoside + phenol regulate the bacterial level of the mouth, clean it of harmful micro-organisms, reduce the content of harmful bacteria, prevent their further reproduction.

Preventive strengthen teeth: ganoderma extract and Cordyceps, in conjunction with other natural plant components that oppose such things as ulcers in the mouth, gingivitis, Pericoronitis, bleeding gums, bad breath, caries, etc., and helps to eliminate existing negative phenomena.

Cleansing of the oral cavity: cordyceps and ganoderma extract in combination with plant glucoside, and phenol are effective to encourage improvement sostoniya mouth, clean teeth and mouth from all the impurities, normalize the microflora, preserve the health of natural teeth.

Other indications: when the mosquito bites relieves itching and inflammation of the tissues in frostbite and burns eliminates scars and scars; immediate action in inflammation of the throat and ulcers in the mouth, eliminating beriberi, pimples, prickly heat, etc.

Dosage once in the morning and once in the evening.

2 toothpastes in pack


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