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Rain Soul Drink

Rain soul is nature’s powerhouse in a drink which is rich in free-radical fighting anti-oxidants filled with essential fatty acids. It is a proprietary drink prepared with a blend of wholesome natural seeds extract and ingredients which includes

  • Black cumin seeds
  • Raspberry Seeds
  • Chardonnay grape seeds
  • D-Ribose

It is a nourishing drink which is packed in a 2-ounce pouch with all the kicks and thrills to give you a highly effective boost and quick energy to get you out of weakness immediately

Rain Soul Review

This product does not claim to be the newest and greatest product, but in life the most simple things are the most powerful and is often overlooked, Rain Soul is just a mix of some of the best natural components which have been used for ages for nutrition and health purposes.

Ideally your body will benefit immensely from boosts of energy, rain soul is also known to be a catalyst to enhance the immune system and sharpen the focus of the brain.

Rain Soul helps you

  • Neutralize free radicals which is needed to help you fight off infections from the damage of your DNA which can cause cancer, lower your defenses against heart disease, accelerate your aging process and so on.
  • Support good health
  • Promotes muscle health and flexibility
  • Build energy reservoir
  • Suppress appetite to lose weight

With Rain Soul you can be sure you are tapping into Mother Nature’s endless properties available to mankind.

Using rain soul you can be rest assured that you are getting the purest and finest nutrients for a healthy life as this product is infused with some of mother nature’s unique gifts to provide maximum health and wellness solution for you.

Please note this drink is not about mixing together some secret elements of the seeds, but a blend of the nutritional compounds available within each seed. Rain Soul is formulated and prepared using a unique cold press process to extract the selected seeds


Rain Soul Cold Press Process
Like i said earlier this product uses a Cold Press Process that extracts the rich nutrient oils and flours from the seeds itself without damaging the effectiveness in the process.

The process ensures that the nutrients in the oils and flours are preserved optimally. Most manufacturers use methods that require high temperatures and harsh chemicals to extract which is not always effective. But Rain Soul has gone to great lengths to ensure that the process used is certified organic and chemical free.


What Are Some Of the Benefits Of Using Rain Soul


Rain Soul Ingredients

Soul is a blend of three fine nutritious seeds and a sugar agent known as Ribose-D and each ingredient is very healthy and nutritious on its own, blending them together gives you a wholesome nutritious drink. Lets see what Soul is made up of


Black Cumin Seed
Used for more than over 3000 years for health purposes, it has an impressive list of anti-oxidants and over a 100 chemical compounds good for the health and is a very important health plant extract for human consumption.

The anti-oxidants and compounds in black cumin help

  • Maintain health by boosting the production of bone marrow, natural interferon and immune cells
  • It also helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which makes it a very potent herbal seed

Black Raspberry Seed
It contains anti-oxidant like phytonutrients that include ellagitannins and anthocyanins which supports the immune system

The anti-oxidants in raspberry seeds help get rid of cell damaging substances known as free radicals

Chardonnay Grape Seed
Rich source of flavonoids named proanthocyanidins which is good for the brain

Proanthocyanidins has free radical fighting anti-oxidants and collagen protecting qualities

It is also an effective chelate iron ions that promotes or boosts lipid peroxide, hydroxyl radical production and hydrogen peroxide.


D-Ribose is a major energy booster, it is a 5 carbon sugar which is naturally found in each cell of the human body and it is used in Soul with a mix of oxygen and ATP (adenosine triphoshate) to give energy to each cell of the body.

It is also available in RNA (ribonucleic acid) a key information carrier of living organisms. The body usually gets tired from different factors, one of such factors is like free radicals from exercising, excessive smoking, daily stress, excessive fat intake and aging. So the job of Ribose-D in Soul is to refill energy in each cell of your body immediately so that your body can recover from fatigue and stress quicker.

Rain Soul Testimonial

Doing a quick search online, you will come across lots of testimonies from people all over the world, who have used Rain soul to cure illness like Stroke, Fibroid, Rheumatism and so on


 Here is another wonderful testimony from one of our users down here in Nigeria who originally bought it for beauty purpose, but it ended up removing the fibroid which she never knew she had, it was so shocking that she passed out and the doctors confirmed she had fibroid and that it had degenerated and dropped out of her system


Rain Soul Price


Rain Soul Side Effects

Until now, there has been no reported or known side effects associated with the use of Rain Soul, but really, think about it, is there any side effect from eating or consuming grape seeds, cumin seed and raspberry?

Well i thought not so.


Rain Soul: How To Drink

How To Take Rain Soul

  • Drink first thing in the morning before meal or eating anything, you should wait for at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking.
  • At night drink an hour before bed.

Note: There is never a wrong or right time to take Rain Soul, it can be taken at any point in time best suited for you.

  • Shake & squeeze packet to get the settled seeds, rip open the top and drink
  • Soul can be used externally on the body as it is completely transdermal, after drinking, you can keep the empty packets in the fridge until you are ready to apply it topically.
  • Cut it open and use whats left of it inside

It can be applied to

  • Painful or inflamed joints or areas where you are experiencing pain
  • Rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions
  • use as a facial scrub or mask.
  • Put on your wrinkles, age spots, dark spots or any skin conditions

It is non-oily, non-staining and absorbs quickly

Using the little grounded sees on your skin will give you amazing and wonderful results

People with severe health issues could drink 2-6 packs or more daily.

For those in pain, take approximately every 6 hours

Your body will help you adjust to how many packets you should drink daily if you pay close attention to it

For people who are diabetic, a frequent blood sugar test is required, as the D-Ribose present in Soul is proven to reverse type II diabetes


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