7 Ways To Reduce Stress Effectively

7 Ways To Reduce Stress Effectively 10

Everyone gets stressed one at some point in his or her life. But there are times when you just feel overwhelmed with tension. These are the times when you feel lethargic, you don’t feel like talking to anyone, your brain becomes numb and you start feeling unpleasant even in the most joyful situations. While studies have shown that the jobs that give maximum stress include prison service, police and social work, there are many other aspects of life that can produce stress.

For example you are unable to perform well at school or you are having a bad relationship with your spouse or you are getting harassed at job. Whatever the cause may be you have to understand it and take remedial actions so that it doesn’t pose any safety threat or serious health issues. Listed below are some of the ways you can deal stress with:

  1. Pursue your hobby: Pursuing your passion is one of the best ways to combat stress. Your hobby will engage you to the point that you will have to focus on it fully. This will let you forget the pell-mell you are facing. Here are some of the activities which can reduce your stress:
  • Woodworking: This is an excellent creative activity that can reduce stress. When you are on a woodworking project, you will need to concentrate a lot on the project in front of you. Obviously this will also keep you physically engaged. Once you sweat it out, you are actually channelizing your negative energy in the most constructive way. Making simple woodworking projects will bring about metal relaxation. However, do not use sharp tools or rusted tools if you are under deep stress, as this may pose safety threat.
  • Art: Drawing and painting or simply working with colors is fun whether you are a child or an adult. Both these activities are associated with reducing stress.
  • Embroidery: People who love embroidery should start on a related project to keep themselves busy. Needlework is involved in embroidery and that needs you to focus a lot. When you will create patterns with those colorful threads you will get a feeling of satisfaction not to mention that you will hardly think of any stressful stuff.
  • Photography: Are you into photography? Then this hobby can really suck the stress out of your system. Take photos of the world around you. Explore the nature or take a photo of the events around you. Make an album of the photos you have collected.
  1. Become socially active: Becoming socially active is going to help you reduce stress as then you can talk to your friends. Make a support group. Ask your friends to entertain you. Visit their place or make programs to visit someplace together. Friends are the best way to bust your stress.
  2. Exercise: The best way to reduce stress is to exercise and sweat. Go for a jog, dance, jump or ride – do anything vigorous so that you are moving and breathing. This helps in producing ‘happy’ hormones in your body. You can try yoga too, as it is a combination of movement and breathing.
  3. Consider taking bath: Taking bath is one of the secrets of reducing stress. Add some lavender oil to your bath. Lavender oil helps in reducing cortisol and improves metal relaxation. Soak yourself in this hot bath for twenty minutes. This method will surely induce relaxation.
  4. Take plenty of sleep: One of the reasons for increase in stress hormones is lack of sleep. So never miss your nap. And if you have missed it, just go and sleep. You must get your eight hours of sleep no matter what.
  5. Massage: Get a Thai massage or a Swedish massage. If you don’t have professional help, ask your spouse to give you a massage. This helps in relaxing your tensed muscles and body.
  6. Herbal remedy: Did you know that there are many herbs that will reduce your stress? There are herbal teas such as chamomile, basil, marjoram and mint that help in easing stress. Lettuce and Mandarin oranges are supposed to keep you calm. Sprinkle infusions of dill on your pillow particularly at the nighttime just before going to sleep. Dill will put even a cranky baby to sleep.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.

– An Irish proverb

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