What Can Ruzu Bitters Cure?

What Can Ruzu Bitters Cure? 1

Over time Ruzu bitters has successfully cured so many ailments and diseases, people all over the country have been sending in one testimony or the other, in the company’s bid to further enhance performance, several other products have been launched.

These products used in conjunction with the regular ruzu bitters you know can cure a lot of diseases as shown below

 Illness Symptoms Products Recommended
 Arthritis Inflammation or pains and swelling in the joints, especially knee joints Ruzu Herbal Bitters Daily, Herbal Tea and Ruzu Herbal Balm apply daily
Diabetes A disease in which sugar is not adequately utilized by the body owing to lack of insulin from the pancreas characterized by weaknesses due to the lack of energy supply Ruzu Herbal Bitters Daily
Typhiod & Malaria Anemia, Chills, Fever, Jaundice, Muscle Pain, Nausea, Sweating, Vomiting Etc Ruzu Herbal Bitters Daily
Catarrh Inflammation in the nose or other mucous membranes accompanied by a great deal of mucus Ruzu Herbal Balm Daily
Weak Erection Failure to achieve full erection during sexual act Ruzu Herbal Bitters daily and Ruzu Black for Men
Premature Ejaculation Inability to be involved in a prolonged sexual act before  ejaculation Ruzu Black for Men daily and Ruzu Bitters
Migraine Headache Pain in the head usually only on one side accompanied by nausea, and interference in vision, This sickness is periodical Ruzu Herbal Tea, boil 1 bag and take daily and use Ruzu Balm
 Female Infertility The inability of a woman to conceive in the course of normal sexual relation. Inability to produce offspring Ruzu Herbal Bitters daily for treatment
Erectile Dysfunction The inability of the sexual organs of a man to function as expected so as to impregnate a woman Ruzu Herbal Bitters and Ruzu Black For Men
Insomnia A sleeping disorder resulting in the inability to sleep Ruzu Herbal Tea and Ruzu Bitters
 High Blood Pressure This occurs when blood pressure is over normal Regular usage of Ruzu Herbal Bitters and Ruzu Herbal Tea
Fallopian Tube Blockage The blockage of one or both fallopian tubes connecting the ovaries and uterus characterized by failure in conception Regular usage of Ruzu Herbal Bitters
Stroke A sudden attack of paralysis either half part or total body and formation of blood clot that can block vessel Ruzu Herbal Tea and the use of Ruzu Balm to massage the affected part of the body
Rheumatism This is any disorder of the muscles, tendons, joints, bones, nerves characterized by pain, discomfort and disability Regular usage of Ruzu Herbal Bitters, Tea and Balm
Chest pain This is a chronic pain being experienced at the chest region of the body Regular usage of Ruzu Balm to massage the chest
Heart Problems Problems associated with weakening of the heart so that it cannot pump blood sufficiently for normal circulation (this is deadly) Regular usage of Ruzu Herbal Tea and Bitters
Waist & Back ache Severe pains in the backbones, waist or back region that makes one unable to sit, bend or stand straight Regular use of Ruzu Herbal Bitters, Ruzu Tea and Ruzu Balm
Staphylococcus Aureus Pathogenic (bacteria) usually found in clusters. Bacteria of this type cause boils and rous-forming infections of wound, Spoils the blood Regular use of Ruzu Herbal Bitters
Low Sex Drive Constant lack of sexual urge in men Regular use of Ruzu Black for Men and Ruzu Bitters
Prostrate Issues These are issues affecting the prostrate gland in a male reproductive system Regular usuage of Ruzu Black for Men and Ruzu Bitters
Fatigue & Stress These result in dullness, tiredness and loss of appetite Regular usage of Ruzu Herbal Tea and Bitters
Gonorrhea A specific contagious catarrhal inflammation of the genital mucous membrane of either sex, caused by gonococcus (Neisseria) resulting in acute pain Regular use of Ruzu Herbal Bitters
Hepatitis Inflation of the liver, infectious hepatitis is a viral disease of the liver producing Jaundice, nausea and vomiting Regular use of Ruzu Bitters and Tea
Liver Problem Liver disease Ruzu Herbal Bitters and Ruzu Tea
Over Weight Abnormal amount of fat in the body due to over eating Ruzu Herbal Bitters and Ruzu Herbal Tea. Boil 1 Bag and take daily
Pneumonia An infection of one or both lungs which is usually caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. Sign like fever, cough often producing  mucus from the lungs. Chest wall pain is often made worse by coughing Regular use of Ruzu Herbal Tea and Ruzu Balm
Skin Issues Skin issues can be skin rashes or wrinkles in the skin due to scar and skin deformation or dermatitis Ruzu bitters and ruzu skin care
Mouth related problems Toothache, tooth decay and other problems Ruzu bitters and Ruzu oral care (mouth wash)
Menstrual pains When a woman frequently experiences acute abdominal pain during her monthly menstrual flow Constant taking of Ruzu Kampe Herbal Drink

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