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Ruzu International

Nature's Pure Miracle Gift To You

100% Natural! No Additives or Artificial Preservatives!! Quick Action!!!

Ruzu Herbal Bitters is an Amazing curative herbal supplement which is made up of 3 Potent Herbs plus a few other proprietary herbs to give you an amazing health solution

These unique potent herbs have been nurtured and extracted from the heart of Africa, some of these potent ingredients includes

  • The Uvaria Chamae also known as Bush Banana
  • Curculigo Pilosa also known as squirrel Groundnut
  • Colocythis Citrullus also known as Bitter Apple or Desert Gourd

Ruzu International

Here are some of the most common health issues Ruzu Bitters solves

  • Diabetes
  • Male impotence & infertility
  • Female infertility, menstrual anomalies
  • High blood pressure
  • Body aches & pains
  • Infections
  • Liver & kidney diseases
  • Fever

Ruzu Products

Ruzu International

  • Ruzu Herbal Bitters Capsule
  • Ruzu Black Man Power Liquid & Capsule
  • Ruzu Herbal Tea

Testimonies (with real life proof)


Real life testimonial story from Mr Ben Herbert who almost had his leg amputated due to diabetes and a sore that was eating his leg up, during his search for the sum of N2,500,000 (5,600GBP) he was introduced to Ruzu Herbal Bitters and his life changed for the best

Ruzu International

Hear me out… this is more than CASH.

1 month ago…I was shown the full picture below, of people who had gone online to raise money for brother Ben Herbert. The Doctors had fixed a date for his leg to be amputated from the Knee. He had a wound, he also had diabetes, and the wound was rotting and getting worse. A fellow distributor and citizen of TRN came to me to ask if we could sacrifice one carton of Ruzu to show what Ruzu can do for this man. I obliged.

By the time Ben’s friends took to social media, he was already on a wheel chair, and it was N2.5m that was required to set things right. Setting things right meant, getting the leg amputated and not walking again.

The pictures speak for themselves, but the video will be more dangerous, wait for it. In less than 4 weeks, and with less than 4 bottles of Ruzu - some ingested and some poured on the wound, Ben Herbert is OFF the WHEEL CHAIR, and the wound is almost fully healed. Look at the pictures!

The Challenge of N2.5million that would have resulted in the man being on a wheel chair all his life has been solved by less than N12,000. God is using Ruzu to turn people’s situations around, and we give Him all the glory. This is just one of the testimonies of Ruzu usage - This is as recent as 2017.


Ruzu International

I don’t do this normally!
Everyday I hear different shapes and sizes of thank you, for acts of kindness, and some as testimonies for the product (Ruzu Herbal Bitters) we sell and how it impacted them.
In the last 1 year, I have heard different testimonies. Amazing testimonies! On my phone, I have different ones, online on youtube there are a truckload of them.

The testimony I heard today is exciting… and it may be of value to someone out there!
AFTER 15 years of trusting God for a CHILD…
Doing all sorts, and spending all sorts of amounts…
The Miracle happened after taking 2 Bottles of Ruzu!
Not just one baby - TWIN BOYS!
Just last week! What a way to crown the year!
God truly crowns the year with goodness!

This is not the first of Ruzu Babies… this year alone we have celebrated and welcomed to the world nothing less than 100 Ruzu Babies (conservative) in Nigeria and abroad! These are the ones who shared and didn’t keep it a secret! This is amidst other testimonies.
What happened with this mother of twins was an amazing coincidence.

She happened to be driving a car from a women’s convention when our Ruzu Distributor Uduak Essien got a call on her phone of someone sharing a testimony about having taken in from using Ruzu. She was so excited on the phone, and went on and on.

After she got to where she would alight, the woman who was driving Mrs. Tee who happened to also be a nurse, stopped her in her tracks and asked her if this product could really work for her. Mrs. Uduak asked what the problem was, and she confided that she’s been expecting for 15 years. She’s a nurse, and her husband is a Medical Doctor, and they have tried all sorts. She said she has paid and is willing to pay anything for the opportunity of carrying her own children. She said the way things are going, she doesn’t even know how long she would last in her husband’s house.

The distributor encouraged her to try Ruzu, that it works, and the testimonies are too many not to have confidence to recommend it. She decided to give Ruzu a try. She took a bottle, and then a second bottle before they lost contact briefly with each other.

By the time they saw again, about 2 months down the line, Mrs. Uduak asked her if she had finished her second bottle and needed a third. Instead of responding, she was asked to come nearer… the response came in a whisper - “It is positive, I tested positive, I have taken in”. Mrs. Uduak wanted to SCREAM and SHOUT, but was held back by Mrs. Tee… “Please let’s not make noise about it, let’s wait till it’s time”… That was 8 months ago!

Infections like Staphylococcus & Gonorrhea

Ruzu International

Fibroid, Menstrual Disorder, Vaginal Discharge & Fertility

Ruzu International


These are just a few of the many cases Ruzu Herbal has solved.

How is this possible?

Ruzu bitters flushes out and corrects the root cause of the body's major source of sickness and diseases thereby making it impossible for them to remain in the body.

Note: This product is not your average tonic, it contains no alcohol and it's effect can be seen almost immediately


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Ruzu International

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