Ruzu Products

Ruzu range of products boasts of a wide array of health benefiting products which are listed below

 Product Benefit Price
 Ruzu Skin Care
  1. Skin infection/irritation
  2. Minor burns
  3. Bites
  4. Post natal
  5. Blemishes
  6. Household and personal hygiene
Ruzu Herbal Mouth Care
  1. Control bad breath
  2. Kills germs in the mouth that cause plaque and bad breadth
Ruzu Kampe Herbal Drink
  1. Management of quick ejaculation
  2. Waist pain
  3. Menstruation Pain
  4. Sexual Dysfunctions
N200 (100ml)
N400 (200ml)
Ruzu Herbal Soap
  1. Help cure body odour
  2. Help for wrinkles
  3. Stretch marks
  4. Black and white spot
  5. Clean and firm your face
  6. Help for acne scars
Ruzu Herbal Balm
  1. Back pain
  2. Rheumatism
  3. Waist pain
  4. Cold
  5. Chest pain
  6. Convulsion
  7. Catarrh
  8. Pneumonia
  9. Headache
  10. Stroke
 Ruzu Herbal B2V
  1. Candidiases
  2. Slacks vaginal muscle
  3. Prevents itching of vagina
  4. Prevents offensive vagina odour
  5. Maintains healthy vagina

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