9 Top Skills Every Great Nurse Must Have

9 Top Skills Every Great Nurse Must Have 1

What does it mean to be a good nurse? Some people can define it as be well-educated to be able to fulfill all manipulations properly. But others would say it’s not enough, and being a good nurse doesn’t mean only good knowledge of medicine. In this article we have gathered all important skills every good nurse should have for successful work. Maybe you are going to be a nurse, then you can check out what skills you already have, and what you must get during your studying.

1. Good communication.

It is very important for any career, but for nurses, communication is the one of the most important skills they should have. A good nurse is able to understand a patient, to talk and to listen, to calm them down, especially if it’s a child. Apart from patients, nurses also communicate with family

2. Emotional stability

Needless to say that being a nurse is a very stressful job, that’s why nurses should be able to listen patients and support them with good words without getting their traumas and situation personal. There may be good situations but bad things also happen. Nurses should be ready to both.

3. Empathy for patients

Nurses provide patients with care and comfort, making them feel better. Sometimes patients can be anxious and stressful just because they need someone sympathetic to them, and only a good nurse can do this job well. Patients appreciate nurses that can provide them with a lot of empathy to understand their suffering and pain.

4. Flexible with time

Just like doctors, nurses are often required to work extra hours, so it’s important for them to be flexible. It may happen that you have planned to spend weekend with your friends, but they call you from hospital telling that some colleague is ill, so you must get an extra shift this weekend. Of course, nothing can be worse when plans crush, but nurses got used to it through their stressful working schedule.

5. Great attention even to small details

It’s important for a good nurse to pay attention to all details to skip errors. Every day nurses deal with great amounts of information, and they should keep a lot of important things in their heads. It’s understandable that even a small mistake can lead into a tragedy.

6. Fulfilling physical work

Apart from communicating to patient and making manipulations such as injections, bandaging, etc., nurses fulfill some physical work like lifting patients or heavy things, and maneuvering with patients’ carriages. That’s why it’s important to be in a good physical form, eat healthy food, avoid bad habits, and stay strong for any good nurse.

7. Ability to solve unexpected situations fast

Every day nurses deal with many patients and doctors, and every day they are required to make hundreds of quick decisions. To take blood for analyses from this patient or at start to calm down a woman with pain? To stop quarrel between two old patients that are getting really mad or to report about very bad analyses of the man in coma to the doctor and relatives? And such dilemmas will appear every day, for many times. A good nurse is able to value things and do things with the highest priorities first.

8. Quick reaction

Nurses have to react quickly in emergencies, and it means they always should be prepared to unexpected situations. It’s important to keep your head cool in a difficult situation and make a decision very fast according to what happened.

9. Respect to doctors and patients

A good nurse respects patients, doctors, other nurses, and hospital rules. But they understand that for them a patient comes first, so they should respect her or his wish. Only that nurse that shows respect to others, will be respected in return by all people.

We hope this article was helpful, and you understood what qualities can characterize a good nurse. Nursing is a hard job, and if you want to become a great nurse, you will have to work hard. Turn your attention that during studying in the nurse school, you will be required to write various papers, mostly about nursing. Keep in your mind that it’s possible to buy nursing essays online without wasting a lot of time, and get a bright paper easily and fast.

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