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Polyphenols Rich Superfoods

What Are Polyphenols?

Simply put, polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds found in fruits, vegetables, spices, nuts and other plants and food sources. he best source of polyphenols is from foods, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Polyphenols play an important role in maintaining and wellness because antioxidants help protect the cells in our bodies from free radicals. If you have little protection from free radicals, you allow them an open door to gain power and wreak havoc on your cells causing them to underperform and put your body at risk for disease.

Polyphenols are antioxidants and are found abundantly in natural plant food sources with antioxidant properties. There are over 8,000 identified polyphenols found in foods such as tea, wine, chocolates, fruits, vegetables, and extra virgin olive oil, to name a few.

Are Polyphenols the same as Flavonoids?

Flavoniods are a part of a group of Polyphenols which is a large class of chemical compounds synthesized by fruits, vegetables, teas, cocoa and other plants that possess specific health benefits.

Polyphenols Health Benefits

Polyphenols have been shown to improve a variety of health issues including: Reducing Inflammation and Blood Pressure, Lowering Cholesterol, Preventing Platelet Clumping, & Improving Artery Function. “In recent studies, healthier arteries were found in those who ate raw vegetables and avoided high-fat dairy products. Consumption of fresh fruit and avoidance of high-fat dairy products was also associated with less inflammation in the same subjects.” There are many studies on this topic from which you may glean more information. Here are just a few that you might find of interest:

Which Foods Are Highest In Polyphenols?

With summer around the corner, please find below some of the polyphenol-rich foods to load into your shopping bags/baskets at the local Farmer’s Markets. Remember – is essential, otherwise you are consuming calories & chemicals vs. calories & nutrients.

Olives (Black & Green)
Onion (Red & Yellow)
Red lettuce
Spinach Shallot
Black Currants
Grape (Concord)
& Seasonings:
Celery Seed
Common Sage
Lemon Verbena
Mexican Oregano
Sweet Basil

Other notables:
Dark Cacao
Green Tea
Hazel Nuts
Red Wine

Common Misconceptions On Hypnosis That You Need To Know!

While hypnosis is a great way to help patients who are going through many issues, it is not a miracle cure-all. And many patients may have a negative hypnotic experience, because they are dealing with a professional who has not gone through the proper training. Here are five mistakes that are often made by experts during hypnosis.

  1. Forgetting to do a History and Assessment

Each patient has a unique history. Simply asking them about their current issue is not enough, as there may be a link to the past that is key to getting them help. Without knowing the full history and doing an assessment of the patient’s overall mental and physical , a hypnotist cannot properly help them.

  1. Having a Pre-Talk

There are so many misconceptions around hypnosis. Some people think only dumb individuals can be hypnotized, while others think that they could remain in that state forever if something goes wrong. Make sure any questions from the patient are cleared up. They should feel 100 percent confident going into a session, because any doubts can create a negative impact on the session.

  1. Forgetting Suggestibility Tests

Suggestibility tests are crucial when trying to control the conscious mind, because they give the hypnotist an insight into how the patient behaves. For instance, some patients are better served with an authoritative approach, while others may prefer a permissive approach.

Some patients are very good at imagining things in their mind, when those things are suggested through words. Others do not have such a great capacity for mental imagery. It is important for the hypnotist to be aware of these distinctions, so they can tweak their session accordingly.


  1. Missing Convincers in the Session

One of the biggest issues with hypnosis is the lack of belief, even from those who arrived willingly for a session. It is vital to include some convincers during the session, because you want to prove to the patient they were hypnotized. You do not want them walking away thinking it was all a gimmick. If they believe in the process, it is far more likely to succeed. Convincers may seem like theatrics to some hypnotizers, but including them in the first couple of sessions can help a lot.

  1. Comparing it to Meditation

It is wrong to compare hypnosis to meditation, and any hypnotist who does so is doing it a disservice. Meditation is very different, as the patient is relaxing their mind and freeing it of all the thoughts that are troubling them. Meditation has its purposes, but those are different from hypnosis. The goal of hypnosis is to tweak things within the patient’s mind in order to help them get over some type of illness, pain or phobia.

There are a myriad of benefits to hypnotic sessions, especially for patients who are suffering from long-term pain, or have a phobia they cannot get over. But it is important for hypnotists to go about their jobs correctly, and to properly explain what hypnosis can and cannot achieve to the patient.


5 Reasons Why Sewing is Good for your Health

Whether you’re a creative individual or not, sewing is a hobby, you should try for an array of reasons. This simple activity boasts proven benefits that will surely enhance your wellbeing.

The following are the top health benefits of sewing:

: Natural Anti-depressant

Sewing acts as a natural anti-depressant. Anytime you do something pleasurable like sewing, the brain releases a chemical by the name dopamine. According to a survey in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, sewing is associated with a happy feeling.

: Lowers blood pressure

Sewing or quilting machine can be magical when it comes to lowering your blood pressure. This is according to a study that was commissioned by Home Sewing Association. The study arrived at the conclusion that the average heartbeat of savvy sewers dropped by eleven beats each minute after sewing while the heartbeat of novice sewers dropped by roughly seven beats each minute.

Participants of the clinical study also had their heartbeats measured during other activities such as reading a newspaper, playing hand-held video games, painting, and playing cards. During all the other activities, their heart rates increased but not as much as when compared to sewing.

: Protects the brain against aging signs

Sewing is handy at protecting your brain against aging signs. In the recent past, the number of individuals with dementia is rising. Consequently, scientists are working very hard to search for ways to enhance the way people think as they age. In fact, more and more research points to something by the name neuroplasticity (the way the brain adapts to the environment at any age).

Activities such as sewing, which stimulate the brain usually improve neuroplasticity and vastly delay dementia. Sewing needs you to utilize different parts of the brain since you’re utilizing problem solving, creative thinking, and spatial thinking. The more you utilize the brain, the higher your chances of warding off dementia early.

: Improves body and mind coordination

Sewing requires fine motor skills that need extra work by the brain to coordinate actions as well as muscle control of your arms and hands. This hobby is also effective at helping fight cognitive loss.

5: Acts as meditation

Sewing is akin to meditation. Since the brain only has the ability to process much information at a time, anytime you immerse yourself in a hobby such as sewing, you lose focus on negative things that may weigh you down.

Final Thoughts

Most people can’t imagine their work as well as everyday life without the distractions, problems, and concerns of preoccupation. Stressful situations are quickly turning out to be regular guests at our work, in our home and in our minds. Is your profession already stressful?

If yes, it’s prudent to have a hobby that can assist you cope more effectively with stress as well as distract your mind from the negative thoughts. Sewing is one such hobby. In addition to being a hobby you should try, there are countless reasons attached to it. The above are the top 5 reasons why sewing is good for your health.

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14 Reasons Why Sewing is Good for You

Hair Loss Remedies You Need To Know

With all the latest advances in medical science, now there are several hair loss available. Let whatever be the cause of hair loss, now you never have to compromise with your bald head. Even if hair loss is irreversible, there are several new techniques available now that can grow hair on any scalp again.

But you must remember that every hair loss remedy has got its own advantages and disadvantages. The best hair loss remedy is one that works for you. Before trying any of the remedies available over-the-counter, you are strongly advised to take suggestion from your doctor and talk to people who already used those remedies.

Firstly you must diagnose your main cause that is causing your hair loss. If your hair loss is sudden and due to some illness there are chances that your hair loss is temporary and you will grow your hairs soon without much effort. Also if hair loss is due to some psychological or physical stress then rooting out the main causes of stress and trying to avoid such physical and mental condition in future helps to recover your hair loss soon.

But if baldness run in your family after certain age and is due to hereditary factors then any fast track remedy to grow your hair again will turn futile for you. Probably stopping this type of hair loss due to hereditary factors is most difficult.

If your hair loss is due to some vitamin deficiency then consuming supplements for the deficient vitamins and minerals can definitely help you to re-grow your hairs. There are lots of natural dht blockers available. Best way to avoid this kind of hair loss is by maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet that ensures your overall and growth. Vitamin B6, biotin, zinc and magnesium are the major nutrients that nourish hairs and ensure their health, eating foods rich in these nutrients can immensely help to improve your hair strength and life.

Certain medical treatments like chemotherapy etc cause complete shedding of hairs. But once the treatment is over and your health is recovered; slowly hairs also grow again and you can have your natural hairs back. Doctors prescribe drugs like propecia for androgenic hair loss. But it may have side effects on your sexual life, do make sure you discuss all possible side effects for this kind of treatments with your doctor.


Natural Hair Loss Remedy

Problem with many hair loss remedies available over the counter is all of them have their own pros and cons. Most of them come with their side effects which are not known to you. So many people still prefer to try natural hair loss remedies, there are several such traditional and contemporary natural hair loss remedies which people are practicing with best results since many years.

Best thing about these remedies is that they are free from side effects and tested and proven since years by many people. They not only help you regain your hairs but also contribute to your overall health and fitness.

The reason why many of these natural hair loss remedies work is that at the very basic level hair growth in our body, entirely depend on our food and nutrients that we eat. Just like any other part of our body, if all required vitamins and minerals are provided in sufficient amounts our hair remain healthy and live longer. The importance of such balanced diet can never be underestimated.

A diet that contains cucumbers, potatoes, red and green peppers and sprouts which are rich in silica provide great strength to hairs and follicles. Similarly foods that are rich in iron like fresh meat etc can also help your hair to grow stronger. People who consume only vegetarian foods are more susceptible for hair loss due to iron deficiency. You must work with your dietician and prepare an ideal balanced diet that can contribute to overall health and fitness.

Many and plants which are used to treat different problems are fast gaining recognition and many people are turning to them for treatments. Even though efficiency of these natural remedies is still not scientifically proven, you are strongly advised to seek your doctor advice before trying any of these methods. Talking to people who had similar cause of hair loss and were benefited with these natural hair loss remedies can also help you decide which remedy you can try.

Are You Worried About Looking Older? Then Try These Top Foods to Make You Look Younger

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants. Not only does this help with your insulin production, prevent heart disease, and reduce inflammation, but it also protects collagen.  Collagen helps your skin’s plumpness. By drinking green tea, you will be helping to restore your skin’s collagen levels and reduce the signs of aging.

  1. Salmon

As an anti-inflammatory and source of Omega 3, salmon can help reduce the signs of aging.  That pink color in their meat is an antioxidant called astaxanthin.  When you eat this meat, that is transferred to you. It can also improve your skin’s elasticity and hydration.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Not only does it make you feel good to eat chocolate, it tastes divine. Dark chocolate has been known for thousands of years to have a diverse antioxidant profile. It can help reduce blood pressure, bring back skin elasticity, increase your heart’s effectiveness, and smooth wrinkles.

It’s even been known to protect against the sun’s rays. One study showed that those who ate dark chocolate were able to stay out in the sun two times longer than those who did not.

  1. Vegetables

Your parents weren’t just being jerks when they wouldn’t let you leave the table before finishing your Brussel sprouts. Vegetables are dense with nutrients and low in calories. You’ll benefit from all sort of vitamins when you eat a diverse mixture of vegetables. From vitamin C to antioxidants, vegetables are one of nature’s best anti-aging medicines.

  1. Flaxseed

Don’t like fish? Fear not, flaxseed is a great alternative. It has just as much Omega 3 as fish, and comes without the funky salty taste. It also reduces blood sugar levels and helps regulate insulin. Did I mention that it decreases the risk of breast and prostate cancer too? That could be a good thing.

  1. Pomegranate

Although it’s a frustrating fruit, its benefits are worth the effort. It has antioxidant levels higher than green tea. So you’re getting all the anti-inflammatory, insulin regulation, and other benefits. It also helps with colon cancer, since it is a natural cleanser. It’s so rich in antioxidants, that it can even reverse damage to your skin that’s already there.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of opening a pomegranate, try picking up some of the juice instead.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been known to increase the production of collagen; the skin’s plumpness, firmness, and elasticity boss.  It can also reduce skin damage from high blood sugar. Just sprinkle some into your morning coffee or add it to your toast.

Eating healthy and exercising daily will help reduce the effects of aging on your body. Which means that it’s time to get out there and start dating again.  Your skin will glow with your inner beauty and reduced wrinkles in your profile pic on a matchmaking site for adults. Just think how impressed people will be with how healthy you look.


Healthy and Tasty Foods and Drinks for Breakfast

After a long night of not eating, your organism literally needs to charge the battery with a healthy breakfast. The blood sugar levels get low in the morning, so you need a good nourishing meal to power up your muscles and brain. Next time you rush for the work without having loaded up your stomach, consider this: skipping breakfast more likely will result in overeating in the nighttime.

A wholesome morning meal, at the same time, can replenish your energy and set the pace for smart decisions throughout the day. That’s why https://mariadating.com/ made up a list of the most nutritive breakfast foods and drinks to prepare your system for a truly productive day. Check this out!


  1. Eggs

There are many ways to cook eggs. Scrambled, poached, sunny-side up. For sure, they are all great. One egg provides about 6 grams of muscle mass building, protein. Moreover, do you know that eggs are the number-one bioavailable source of protein, which means that your body can absorb and use protein from eggs much easier than it can from any other food? Boom!

In the meantime, egg yolks are claimed to be one of the richest natural sources of choline, an element that is absolutely vital for brain and liver , as well as extremely important for neurological development. In case if you are still quite skeptical about yolks, don’t be! The research conducted last year shows that eating no more than three eggs per day does not have any negative effect on heart health, even for people with coronary artery disease.


  1. Peanut butter

This is perhaps the quickest and easiest option for when you don’t have much time for a full-size breakfast. Spread it on some whole wheat bread toast or add it to your Greek yogurt or even oatmeal. A spoonful can provide a perfect blend of protein, antioxidants, and heart-friendly fats. Adding some statistics, people who eat this type of butter every day are 30 percent less likely to become a victim of heart disease and 12 percent less likely to die of cancer, in accordance with a 30-year-long study.


  1. Oatmeal

A true festival of heart and stomach-friendly fibers, steel-cut oatmeal is a kind of a morning meal that every person can benefit from including it to his daily diet. It is scientifically approved in the latest research of more than hundred people engaged, that those who used to consume at least 30 grams of whole grains regularly, which equals to a single bowl of oatmeal – reduced the risk of early death by almost 10% in comparison with those who rarely to never ate the whole grain food.


  1. Bananas

There is nothing like a banana for breakfast to keep those early morning hunger at bay. This yellow fella (especially when it’s still slightly green) is one of the best sources of starch, a healthy carbohydrate that gives you that feeling of a full stomach for a long time.

You can slice it up and add it to your oatmeal. It will add natural sweetness, so you may not need additional sugar or honey.

Thanks to a huge amount of potassium, that helps lower blood pressure in a totally natural way, bananas are always a good choice for people suffering from .


  1. Coffee

That fancy cup of espresso doesn’t just make your eyes open easier. Coffee drinking has been directly linked to a lower risk of getting such diseases as diabetes and prostate cancer for males. And it may even prolong your life too!

Coffee sets your brain off working on much higher speed thanking to a blend of caffeine and antioxidants. Not mentioning the results of a research having confirmed that those people that drink a cup of pure black coffee three times a day, delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by 5 years in average. Of course, enriching coffee with cream and sugar may wipe out all potential benefits. So make sure to skip the flavored drinks, and limit it with skim milk.


  1. Orange juice

Fresh squeezed orange juice is a classic (and pretty tasty) morning drink, but that does not mean there’s no way it can be improved on. For some extra nutritional qualities, opt for a wider variety of foods fortified with vitamin D. Accompanied by a fatty fish and milk, orange juice is one of the strongest sources of that sunshine vitamin, higher levels of which do the job of lowering the risk of osteoporosis, depression and particular types of cancer.

Stick to one small glass a day. Fruit juice is also high in calories and natural sugars and shouldn’t replace whole fruits in your ration.


Top 5 Most Popular Urgent Health Care Services

What will be your actions in case of a trauma or sharp pain? A full-fledged medical facility can be located at a long distance. Besides, the level of servicing is not always satisfactory due to a plenty of patients. Still, there is an alternative represented by an urgent care clinic.

As a rule, this type of medical facility deals with undelayable issues that require fast response. Today, the range of services is more extended and includes versatile physicals, pediatric and heart care, as well as the necessary laboratory examinations. It is a good practice to have contacts of several neighboring clinics to be confident in a fast intervention in case of emergency. Moreover, in accordance with UCAOA, the amount of such locations exceeds 7,000. Hence, a list of most popular names in the area of urgent care is introduced for your attention.  


A network of 137 locations in 10 states across the USA is a good evidence of being in demand. The chain of clinics is managed by NextCare Holdings, which also offers occupational medical services. There is an emphasis on a comprehensive approach called Full Circle Care, which is intended to provide the top level of service to their patients during the entire treatment process.


This name can boast of more than one hundred clinics in three states namely Arizona, North Carolina, and Texas. This healthcare operator has an ace in the pocket represented by the Joint Commission’s award called the Gold Seal of Approval. The company’s goal is expressed in the following sentence: To make a positive impact on lives of patients and their families.


CityMD is represented by 57 locations in three states. The chain operates in the metropolitan area surrounding New York City, and it is expanding operations in Washington state, where it is partnering with CHI Franciscan Health.


CareSpot together with its partner MedPost constitutes a unified chain of clinics throughout four states. In addition to regular urgent care, patients of any location of 54 available can experience such services as seasonal care, wellness, laboratory examination, occupational health etc.


This company collaborates with large medical enterprises to render own services. The GoHealth network covers 45 locations throughout three states. It boasts of the state-of-the-art healthcare centers made with a clean, contemporary design engineered for convenience and comfort of patients. You can find medical facilities in the New York, California, Washington, and Oregon. Soon, Connecticut will join this list.

AG Urgent Care

This name of medical facilities does not belong to the giants of urgent care business. Still, the clinic has a decent potential, which is elicited in five NYC clinics. In the nearest future, AG Urgent Care can compete with the market leaders in the sphere of urgent care services. For today, it is earning the reputation and customer loyalty by providing qualitative and fast services.