Vigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product

Vigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product 1

What is Vigrx Plus

Vigrx Plus is one of the best Male Enhancement Products Available in the market today, it has been tried and tested over and over again and lots of men swear and live by it.

For some men, it has saved and improved their marriage life, for others, it has boosted their sex and love life. Having a sexually satisfied and happy wife would make things and life easier for all men.

A happy wife will produce a happy home and happy husband, truth is, you can have all the money in the world thinking that’s all a woman wants, but reality is, if you do not satisfy her in bed, she will spend your money on a man or men who will.

Vigrx Reviews

Vigrx was the initial product the company came up with, and is still being sold today as a separate supplement from Vigrx Plus. Due to it’s massive success and accolades the company still felt they could do better so they went back to the drawing board, did some more research on how Vigrx could be better than other products like vimax and prosolution.

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Vigrx Plus a more potent and advanced formula was created, it had a combination of other ingredients which made it more effective and these ingredients were approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Here are the additional ingredients which were added to the already existing blend

  • Tribulus
  • Bioperine
  • Damiana

Dr Steven Lamm has backed and endorsed Vigrx Plus over the years as one of the best penis enlargement pills as it works like legal steroids for men


Vigrx For Men is outstanding and lots of men claim they have mind blowing experiences in the areas of ejaculation and lasting longer, also good for men with infertility problems just like provestra the female version for women trying to get pregnant. It is also good for low sperm count treatment

It’s no news that men lose their potency as they age, while women get more active, although no reason for women to cheat, Vigrx Plus can help men your age stay active for their husband duties if you know what i mean. Also a good legal HGH like Genf20 Plus can also help aged men stay sharp and active, while using a brain pill for memory loss would be helpful as well

The likes of Viagra only offer temporary or quick fixes and sadly causes more problems in the long run, truth is orthodox drugs only suppress, it never cures like herbs which deals with root cause, vigrx is made from the finest and potent herbs known to man.

Although lately big pharmaceutical companies have been spending huge amount of money on campaigns trashing herbs saying they are not safe and have no dosage, but the truth is that, they are scared, for one herbs are easy to get and cheap and can be homegrown and if people decide to go that root, they will be out of business so fast. These companies thrive on repeat sales, so with their drugs you keep having the same problems over and over again and you keep buying and putting money in their pockets.

Using a herbal supplement like Vigrx Plus guarantees you long lasting sexual enhancement benefits like intense orgasms, and long lasting erections, you will also experience fuller hard rock erections all the way. Ever imagined going like 3 rounds of sex and you are still hard for the 4th round? Well that’s what this sexual enhancement or sex pill can do for you

Another interesting observation that was noted is that, prolonged use of this enhancement supplement actually resulted to a Long Penis by not less than 2 inches permanently. Commanding erections at will is a reality with this supplement as it ensures that your sexual stamina and libido is at an all time high.

Vigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product 2


  • Your wife or girl would confess how hard you feel inside of them during intercourse
  • You become more horny and sex like a rabbit
  • You can last much more longer, how does sex for an hour or two sound?
  • Command erections at will, let’s face it, most men never get erections easily until they get into a bit of intense foreplay and even if they manage to get one it does not last
  • Longer and wider penis size (With Prolonged use)
  • Ejaculate like a pornstar


Although there are some claims that Vigrx has helped men increase their penis sizes up to 5 inches, but such claims report that it takes more than just a few bottles of the supplement for that to happen, prolonged use and the use of effective penis enlargement exercises can guarantee such results

Please do not expect to gain 3-5 inches in just 30 days as most men want and believe should happen. That’s just pure BS

One thing consistent amongst men’s feedback is that this supplement has magically transformed their sexual, personal and marital life

The potency of the Virility of this enhancement supplement is tremendous, although you have to be realistic about your desires, having a bigger penis, or high libido is one thing, knowing how to make love to a woman is another.

Here is what a renowned doctor had to say about this supplement, although big companies have tried and are still trying to undermine the use of herbs because they stand to lose in the long run, so also do big Doctors who prefer you stay on a permanent dosage on a particular drug that does absolutely nothing but rather causes more damage.

In the midst of the world, there are always heroes who stand for what they believe is right, some prestigious Doctors and sex therapist have openly recommended Vigrx Plus, they have tested and gotten positive results beyond reasonable doubts. One of such Doctors is the popular TV doctor whom am sure you know or must have seen before.

Dr Steven Lamm. M.D Endorsement

He is also the author of the “Hardness Factor”. He recommends it to his patients to help them improve the quality of their sex life

Vigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product 3

Yahoo Reviews

Some asked as question concerning Vigrx Plus results on Yahoo Answers.. Are they real? Permanent?

Are you interested in the answers?

Click here to see answers from real users


With over 10 years of research and development and the addition of more potent ingredients, Vigrx Plus is a monster male enhancement supplement that can turn any man into a War Horse (Nice movie by the way, you should check it out)

Vigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product 4

Lets have a look at the ingredients that makes Vigrx Plus tick

Epimedium Leaf Extract (Epimedium Sagittatum)
Horny Goat Weed as known as many is a libido booster like Viagra which gives a nitric oxide effect, it helps the flow of blood to the penis, it relaxes and smoothens the muscle mass of the corpus cavernosum and other arterioles

Damiana (Turnera Aprhodisiaca)
A potent aphrodisiac used by the Mayans up until now to increase erection, boost orgasms and for longer lasting effects

Gingko Leaf (Gingko Biloba)
Powerful herb known for enhancing the memory, giving mental clarity and improving focus. Gingko biloba is good for sex as it helps increase desire, excitement, orgasms and afterglow (Source: Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 2998, Vol 24: 139-143)

Asian Red Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)
A traditional Chinese herb used as an aphrodisiac, for stamina and vitality. Like Horny Goat weed, it can boost nitric oxide and blood flow to the penis

Saw Palmetto Berry (Fructus Serenoae)
The very best kept secret sexual libido enhancer, it is useful in the treatment of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. It has been known to calm and smoothen the muscle tissues thereby improving blood flow to the penis

Muira Pauma Bark Extract (Ptychopetalim Olacoides)
A potent tonic good for the impotence and low libido, popular in South America and Europe.

Catuba Bark Extract (Erthoroxylum Catuba)
Extracted from the Catuba trees that grows in the Brazillian Amazon forest, used by tribal men as sexual libido enhancers

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Side Effects

If i say there are no side effects for this supplement, then that would be a very blunt lie and i would be no different from the money peddlers, the reality is there is no supplements or pills without side effects, even some foods we eat could make us feel sick sometimes.

Foods and herbs work differently for everyone, here are some common side effects that have been reported by some users

Gastro-Intestinal Problems
Some men have reported nausea, vomiting and diarrhea during their use of Vigrx, these symptoms are mild and won’t go on for long because your body system will get adjusted to ingredients. Within a few days the effects won’t be visible  as the benefits start to kick in

How to overcome gastro-intestinal issues
Always stay hydrated, make sure you drink lots of water, also you need more sodium and potassium which you can get from fruits like banana and other fruit juices

Please avoid sodas, energy drinks and diary products

Heart Beating Fast, Anxiety & Insomnia
There have been instances of heart pounding, insomnia, hyper activeness and anxiety, this is because of Panax Ginseng and Muira Puama

Please be sure to check with your doctor if you have heart problems

How to overcome Palpitations, Anxiety & Insomnia
Ask your doctor for permission before you using it, if you have any history cardiac arrests or heart failures, it will be wise to use Vigrx plus under strict supervision by your doctor

Allergic Symptoms
Although Damiana is certified safe, there have been some isolated cases which has proven serious allerfic reactions such as swelling of the throat lips, tongue, face and breathing problems. If you are undergoing diabetes treatment, then this is bound to happen, because of interactions of the herbs with other drugs. People with Alzheimers or Parkinson’ disease and mania or schizophrenia are also prone to such allergies

How to over allergic reactions
Be sure to stop any ongoing medications while using vigrx plus

Mild Symptoms
Some mild symptoms like itch rash, a dry mouth, nausea and dizziness can also occur, these are symptoms of horny goat weed, but only for men who have had previous history of heart problems or those currently having heart problems

How to overcome these mild symptoms
Drink lots of water and reduce vigrx plus dosage to half a pill a day. Eat health meals and if problems persists visit your doctor

Does Vigrx Plus Work?

Vigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product 5

Yes it does, the additional 3 ingredients added to the original blend makes it super effective and the manufacturers have made a bold statement with this, these 3 ingredients includes

  1. Tribulus, the bodybuilders favorite known for it’s testosterone levels boosting abilities
  2. Damiana, known for improving blood flow to the penis

The 2 above components have been tested and proven to aid blood flow and boost sex hormonal levels in men

Bioperine increases the body’s ability to absorb ingredients to ensure the best possible results. Studies show that Bioperine can increase the absorption rate of nutrients by up to 60{f649f29e404414cc36f996d206335c59280d3d31285eab7dd9f429b773119cfb} thereby enhancing the efficacy and effectiveness of any supplement.

So what makes Vigrx plus work so well is that it is about the only male sexual enhancement supplement that ensures that most of it’s active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream for optimal performance because of Bioperine

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Vigrx Oil Review

Trust me, i lack the patience to wait 30-60 days to get results on my sexual pleasure, luckily Vigrx Oil works instantly for sexual performance and to make it more interesting, it needs no prescription and it certainly has no side effects.

It is a groundbreaking formula like Vigrx Plus which is a blend of vitamins, anti-oxidants and plant extracts that penetrates deep into the tissues of the penis to give instant results

Why Use Vigrx Oil?

  • It can be used with a condom easily
  • It does not contain any synthetic ingredients and fragrance
  • It is organic and contains no petrochemicals
  • It is great to use for oral sex

How to use Vigrx Oil

Apply daily before sex

Is Vigrx Oil Safe?

Yes, it is endorsed by doctors and has a high reputation amongst well known and respected medical professionals

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Where to BuyVigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product 6

These days you can get the exact replica of any product from china, so i won’t be surprised if you can get a vigrx plus knockoff, in between there have been complains about people been scammed by sellers online, some never received the order they paid for, and even those who did receive their orders received a knockoff

You can and should only buy directly from the manufacturers website. Click On the Image above to go directly to the manufacturer’s site

Vigrx Plus Amazon

Amazon is a multi billion dollar empire, yes, but it is just a platform for sellers and business owners, Amazon do not own any of the products, they just provide the platform for sellers. These sellers list their inventory and amazon fulfills the orders, so the reality is that just about anyone can list and sell anything on Amazon.

Although Amazon does not take it easy with sellers who peddle fake or substandard products, such sellers get banned from time to time

Where to Buy Vigrx Plus In Stores

You will not find Vigrx in stores, but only directly from the manufacturer’s official website

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  • 1 Month Supply (1 box) = $76.99
  • 2 Months Supply (2 boxes) – $143.99
  • 3 Months Supply (3 boxes) – $205.99
  • 4 Months Supply (4 boxes) – $267.99
  • 5 Months Supply (5 boxes) – $329.99
  • 6 Months Supply (6 boxes) – $384.99
  • 12 Months Supply (12 boxes) – $489.99

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Vigrx Plus Coupon Code

Here is a code that gives you 10{f649f29e404414cc36f996d206335c59280d3d31285eab7dd9f429b773119cfb} off your next order
Vigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product 7

VigFX (Try It Free!)

Vigrx Plus The Ultimate Male Enhancement Product 8
VigFX is formulated using VigRX Plus formula but with extended release to give you maximum virility faster than normal with awesome intense pleasure.

What is the difference between VigRX Plus and VigFX

VigFX is the same VigRX formula but with a more concerntrated absorption rate to give you more sexual enhancement benefits

VigFX is enterically coated making it easy to protect the capsule from melting in stomach acid to ensure that the formula is delivered straight to the intestine

It also offers a more absorption rate than VigRX Plus to give you more pleasure

To conclude, it is the extreme and stronger version of VigRx Plus guaranteed to give you more sexual desire, pleasure and intensity

You can try it for free now, you just have to pay $6.95 for shipping and it will be delivered to your doorsteps with several business days

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