6 Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss

6 Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss 1

Herbs and spices can be the luxurious touch that your life needs. Add them to a meal will give you the extra flavor that you crave, give the dishes a whole new complexity, and many awesome health benefits.

One of those benefits is weight loss and help you keep a healthy body. Trying to shed a few pounds? Consider sprinkling generously these spices onto your dishes – says Dr.Mecola. Herbs and spices can help you maintain a healthy body weight by increasing your metabolism, shrinking fat tissue and suppressing your appetite.

  1. Cayenne Pepper

Do you feel hot on your tongue and all over your mouth’s insides as you eat peppers? That is because peppers contain Capsaicin. This element has been studied for its ability to cut down the absorption of calories in your body. In can somehow shrink the fat tissue while lower the fat level in your blood. Furthermore, Capsaicin is able to trigger the good proteins inside your body that fight against fat buildup.

We have yet to know why Capsaicin is able to do these things, but we can guess based on the ability to turn on the thermogenesis, which means your body can burn fat to create heat. It will affect both your metabolism and the fat in your body. It can boost your metabolism up to 5 percent. Your body will be able to burn fat 16% faster.

The best thing yet about peppers? In weight loss, your body will create a mechanism to decrease metabolism, and Capsaicin can stop this. Which means, as you eat less, you still burn the same amount of calories as before.

  1. Black pepper

Black pepper has piperine inside it, which gives it the pungent flavor. Piperine also acts to block new fat cells from forming. When you combine it with the Capsaicin element in cayenne pepper, you can burn as many calories as a 20-minute walk.

For black pepper, the thing we enjoy the most is that we can just sprinkle it on anything at all to enhance the flavor and melt them fat off.

  1. Green tea

Not only is it popular, green tea is one of the healthiest beverage in the world. If there is anything that can help you lose more weight the more you drink, that must be green tea.

A cup of green tea has about 30 mg of caffeine, which can help to curb your appetite. Another thing that green tea is blessed with is Epigallocatechin gallate, the substance that can boost your metabolism and nourish your skin.

  1. Glucomannan

This is the powder that made from the konjac plant, it is listed as dietary fibers. When coming in contact with water, the powder will inflate itself in large volume, making your stomach filled. As you feel fuller, you will not have the urge to eat anymore. The calories content of this powder is virtually zero, making it one of the “negative calories” food (you have to spend more calories digesting the food than the food gives you).

You can either buy these as premade jelly, they have a soft and crunchy texture that tastes quite well in light desserts. There is also glucomannan as supplementary pills that will inflate itself in your stomach. It is advised that you eat or drink glucomannan 30 minutes prior to a meal with lukewarm water.

  1. Guar gum

Another dietary fiber that can be taken as either desserts or pills is guar gum. It is made from the seeds of the guar plant, which has been proven to help to block fat from digestion. It has a longer history of research than glucomannan.

The raw guar root stem was used by the Bushmen to curb their hunger on the hunts. It could also be used to curb thirst. Most of the appetite suppressant pills on the market have this as an ingredient, why not just take the real thing instead?

  1. Tumeric

Good news for curry fans: turmeric, the foundation of curry dishes has the ability to reduce the formation of fat cells. It does so by suppressing the blood vessels that need to be active to form fat tissues. Therefore, Tumeric consumption will lead to lower body fat, as well as body weight loss.

Obese patients can also benefit from Tumeric because it can lead to insulin resistance and another inflammatory that are symptoms of obesity-related chronic diseases.

If you haven’t known by now, then let us tell you that herbs are some of the best antioxidants in your food. For example, cinnamon has triple the amount of phenol of that in blueberries, a powerful antioxidant that helps you build your immune system. Better tasting food, less weight, less fat and a healthier body, herbs are your best friends on the dining table, the way a dog is your best friend in life!

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