11 Effective Weight loss Strategies You Should Know

11 Effective Weight loss Strategies You Should Know 1

Weight loss is a tricky endeavor and is often difficult to achieve as is weight gain, while there are effective ways to lose weight, they are not absolute and may not work most times. Below are some effective tips for those willing to lose weight

1. Set weight loss goals
Goal setting raises your commitment level and keeps you grounded, it is imperative to discuss your goals with your doctor to avoid making unrealistic goals, asides from that, there may also be health concerns you need to take into consideration and your doctor can help advice and guide you

2. Eat a balanced diet in smaller portions
What this entails is that per meal, divide the quantity of meals into fractions and space out the meal over a period, say four hours apart. You can also start intermittent fasting, this allows you to take on and off eating breaks over time, the beauty of this is that, during the times you are fasting, your body feeds on stored foods in the body, in the long run there would be no foods to covert to fat because all of it will be converted to energy which will be expended.

3. Start Exercising
Exercising helps increase metabolic activity and reduce body fat in the process, the exercise could range from simple bedside exercises, short walks, reduced sedentary activities to intensive workouts.

4. Monitor your weight
Self weight monitoring and recording will go a long way in helping your behavior in relation to your weight loss goals

5. Avoid late night dinners
During your weight loss journey, late night dinners are a no no and must be cut off completely, especially any form of snacking from after 10pm

6 .Avoid soda, alcohol and other related drinks
Drinking sodas or alcoholic drinks would be counterproductive to your weight loss goal, these drinks are very much high in calories and are nutrient deficient, so they should be reduced to a minimum or ultimately avoided

7. Find a weight loss buddy
Two they say is always better than one, research has shown that this helps to keep you accountable, adhere to the program faithfully, knowing you are accountable to someone or an authority

8. Drink lots of water
Water aids metabolism and helps the body burn off more calories, drinking water not only quenches thirst and nourishes the body cells, it also helps with weight loss when taken before each meal

9. Get enough sleep
This is often overlooked and very detrimental to health overall, it is as effective as exercising and eating healthy. So it is very important to sleep well and regularly

10. Take Green Tea combined with Garlic
This is a very great herbal remedy for weight loss, green tea has been proven to boost metabolism and help the body burn fat by increasing it’s efficiency for burning energy. Garlic on the other hand does exactly the same thing asides from it’s antibacterial properties, so a combination of both is best for weight loss. Take before each meal everyday and watch your weight drop in the coming weeks

11. Make it an habit to detox heavily at least twice a week
Detox is also very necessary for weight loss as it helps to flush toxins out of the body, overtime various unneeded toxins and fats accumulate in the body and this often time causes major weight gains if left unchecked. Although green tea and garlic and are good detox agents, you should also try something more intense like bitter gourd

Source: Dr Zubair Abdulahi

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